macos – Apple Automator: Each time I paste an action, I get a popup: “Applescript Mistake;

MacOS Ventura 13.3.1

I’m brand-new to Automator & & AppleScript. I’m attempting to compose a Workflow/Service that scans a Microsoft Word file to change lots of words w/ abbreviations. As such, my Automator Workflow simply includes the pre-loaded action “Discover and Change Text in Word Files,” duplicated lots of times. The pre-loaded action comes w/ the Microsoft Word icon, so it’s not a generic text action.

This is the mistake popup I get:

enter image description here

So after I drag & & drop the first “Discover and Change Text,” I simply copy it & & paste it consistently. However each paste triggers a mistake to popup: “Applescript Mistake; <<< < Can't Make Class."

However after I dismiss the popup by clicking OK, the pasted action still runs typically w/ a green checkmark. Nevertheless, after pasting the very same action 100 times & & dismissing that mistake popup 100 times, Automator undoubtedly freezes & & ends up being “Not Reacting,” so I never ever total & & conserve a completed Workflow/Service.

My workflow’s first action is “Bring Word Files to Front”; then it’s simply copies & & pastes of “Discover and Change …” Am I getting the mistake bc my Workflow is missing out on a couple of opening actions like “set” or “get”?

& & How do I prevent Automator freezing & & ending up being unresponsive? Or is that simply an inescapable threat of running the very same action 100+ times?

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