Herzogenaurach grune on a confrontation course

The meeting of the herzogenaurach city council on thursday, 25. June, includes twelve items on the agenda, mainly the annual financial statements and resolutions recommending the city’s subsidiaries to the shareholders’ meetings.

However, a motion by the green party and nicolai schaufler (die partei) entitled "sustainable mobility turnaround for herzogenaurach" was more likely to generate discussion the mayor of herzogenaurach and the parliamentary groups of the SPD and the CSU are concerned, because they demand a stop of the plans for the southern bypass and thus contradict the mayor as well as the parliamentary groups of the SPD and the CSU. The applicants are calling for a review of the aurachtal route. In contrast to mayor german hacker (SPD), for the grunen this motion is not against all reason, but a serious attempt to get final clarity on all possibilities for continuing a future-oriented mobility turnaround in herzogenaurach.

From a fundamental perspective, it is now time to consider how the city’s traffic development can be pushed further in the direction of sustainable mobility, the motion continues. Several possibilities are seen for this, including a possible aurachtal rail line. "That’s why, now that the stub is on stable footing, we would like to take the next step of examining whether an aurach valley line is additionally feasible under the conditions of the year 2020. For this, we need up-to-date, reliable and objective facts.", write the greens.

Honors marathon at the tsv

TSV stangenroth's summer party was well attended in glorious sunshine. Numerous awards were presented to members. Introductory to the honors, board member stefan schmitt remarked that an association can only survive if it can rely on such a large number of regular members as TSV stangenroth currently has.

For this reason, the club expressed its special thanks to its long-time members as well as to the dedicated functionaries for their loyalty to TSV stangenroth. The honors were presented by honorary commissioner jochen schultheis together with board member andreas hauck. First of all was honored for 25 and. 40 years membership in the club with a certificate. From the BLSV there were for this the badges of honor in silver and/or. Silver with gold.

Also honored for 40 years of loyalty. Beyond that there were honors for 50 and 60 years. Three members were also honored for 70 years of membership. For this they received the badge of honor in gold from BLSV. Officers were honored for five, ten and 25 years, and elke metz for 35 years of service in a responsible position.

The trend goes back to nature

The trend goes back to nature

A "saturday for future is probably unique nationwide in these days. Schoolchildren all over the country take to the streets on fridays to demonstrate for climate protection. On saturday, however, something was also done for the future. Craftsmen from the region exhibited their skills and environmentally friendly alternatives in the city center.

At the "build, live, renovate" city fair the organizers showed homeowners how to renovate and build in an environmentally friendly way. "We are also doing the whole thing to advance climate protection", explained on saturday mayor german hacker. The technology is there, you just have to use it. Because: "we don’t have that much time left!"

However, the city’s climate protection officer, mignon ramsbeck-ullmann, speaks of many well-designed houses in herzogenaurach: "some of our buildings are very environmentally friendly." Outside the house, the trend is toward low-maintenance gardens. "We want to counteract this", says ramsbeck-ullmann.

Egerlander brass band brings the musikantenfruhling to a close

Beer table sets, weibwurst-fruhstuck and weibbier, sunbeams by the skylights and bohemian brass music – suitable framework conditions thus in the regentenbau. The visitors enjoyed the ambience as well as the aschach guests ulrike schmitt together with reinhold and johannes roth, who were in the front row. They were all three events.

Their conclusion: "we enjoyed the three days very much", so ulrike schmitt. The sunday finale rounds off with "weibwurst und blasmusik" (sausage and brass music) the whole says reinhold roth, who plays trumpet in the spa orchestra and in the aschach brass band. He is convinced of the musical quality of the three events. For him, folk music is a phenomenon that transcends generations. The folk music festival has shown that the city is a happy, open-minded town bad kissingen."

Also for thomas faber (feinkost-faber) it was two good days at the regentenbau and "considerably better than the year before." Admittedly the gala evening was "only" a "gala" a timely limited event "the guests were gone within 15 minutes after the end." Here one could to keep them a little bit longer with a dance offer. With sunday he showed satisfied, even if only just under 400 of the 550 seats were occupied. "Weibwurst with pretzels always goes", he said about the culinary offer.

In the district of forchheim 40 years ago: communities disappear, associations emerge

To the 1. In may 1978, something very lasting happened in the district of forchheim: the number of municipalities was effectively halved in the course of a territorial reform, from 61 to 29. The political goal was to professionalize the work in the town halls. Two communities ceased to exist in egloffstein, but two new associations took their place: the affalterthal guardianship association and the affalterthal local history association.

The people of affalterthal know how to celebrate, as they have been proving for decades with the former brunnleitenfest and today’s eichertreffen (tractor friends). The end of their community’s independence was also a cause for celebration. In brunnleitental, a marquee was erected and "celebrities" were invited invited and distributed certificates and gifts to the former municipal councils, while the village youth and the burghers were happy about free sausages and a mab of free beer.

A village within a village

It was another feat of strength for the small community of affalterthal in the run-up to incorporation. Since it was not known whether majorities could be found in the new municipal council for the desired construction projects in and around the village, the then mayor hans deuerlein quickly had two new water reservoirs and three farm roads built, which "opened up 107 hectares of usable land, deuerlein said at the time. In addition, the brunnleitental valley was developed at a cost of one million deutschmarks – today a village within a village – and the drinking water supply was expanded.

Germans eat less meat – trend toward substitute products

Germans eat less meat - trend toward substitute products

How and what germans eat – federal agriculture and food minister julia klockner (CDU) revealed on friday (29). May 2020) in berlin at the presentation of the nutrition report. The annual report is based on a survey of 1000 consumers.

Even before the event, klockner gave an initial insight into the food preferences of germans. According to the report, regional agriculture is being valued more again, especially in the corona crisis.

Food report 2020 – meat consumption declines

According to the results of the "ernahrungsreport 2020" (food report 2020), which were made available to the newspapers of the funke media group in advance, 26 percent of those surveyed say they eat sausage or meat every day. In the first survey in 2015, the figure was 34 percent. According to the survey, last year it was above all the manners who reduced their meat consumption: in the previous survey, 39 percent of the manners questioned said they consumed meat products every day, this time it was 32 percent. Among women, one in five eats meat regularly.

Engineers’ jubilarians met

A few days after the 50th anniversary. 19 of the former 34 graduates of the engineering department of the former state polytechnic coburg met to celebrate the anniversary of their graduation. On 19. July 1967 the graduates, aged between 21 and 29, received their engineering certificates after three years of study at the forerunner of today’s university of applied sciences or. Technical college coburg.
Ulrich neumerkel had organized an extensive program for his former students and their partners in coburg and the surrounding area. It began with a cosy get-together at the organizer in seidmannsdorf. As at each of the 14 meetings so far (six of them in coburg), memories were exchanged and, in particular, the six fellow students who have since passed away were remembered.
Almost all of the students, most of whom were from upper franconia at the time (including five from coburg), still have fond memories of their time studying in coburg. The majority of the graduates have also started their careers in france with construction companies or have become freelancers.
Some started their professional lives in munich, another in berlin, another in darmstadt. A graduate first worked in hamburg, then studied at the technical university of hanover, graduated as a graduate engineer, earned his doctorate and later became a professor at the technical university of augsburg.
The engineering graduates also paid a visit to the university’s design faculty. Professor kebler then explained the current structure of the university and the course of the eight-semester bachelor’s degree program in civil engineering.
The rest of the meeting was dedicated to the exchange and socializing of the jubilarians. Helmut schwammlein

Limmersdorf: they dance what the zeug halt

Limmersdorf: they dance what the zeug halt

If in limmersdorf kerwa is, all want to be with it. No wonder that a sea of umbrellas moved through limmersdorf on sunday afternoon in the pouring rain.

The platzmadla and -burschen were pretty much the only ones who braved the rain without protection. And of course platzhammel henry and his companions lena koslowsky and anna reichardt.

With henry the beginning is made
"When we are old enough, we also want to be platzmadla" 13-year-old lena emphasizes. "The fact that we've already driven the henry is a good start," says 13-year-old lena adds her friend anna, who is the same age, and who is already driving the hammel for the second time.

To the igensdorf network

Lindenhof and lindenmuhle, the two hamlets, receive a new water supply and are connected to the igensdorf network. Until now they belong to the neighboring community eckental (district erlangen-hochstadt). Now the igensdorf market council has been able to award the contracts for the planned m.
The company diersch-bau from pegnitz will take care of the water supply in the igensdorf villages. The gross costs for this amount to 183250 euros.
For the painting and flooring work in the bookstore, the company berge from grafenberg submitted the most favorable bid of 28,232 euros and was awarded the contract.

Dangerous gelander

You are no longer allowed to lean on the gelander in the eckentaler strabe. "Otherwise you fall into the creek, said mayor wolfgang rast (IU) when describing the state of the country. A new metal gelander is now to be installed there. The company stahlbau schmidt has submitted the most favorable offer with about 41 000 euros and will be commissioned with work.
An interim report was presented by chamberlain alexandra krupp to the municipal councils. The income from taxes – 5,078,000 euros were planned in the budget – can be achieved or even surpassed. As for the loan, 800 000 euro that was planned in 2017 but not used, has now been borrowed.

Renovation of the lindelberghalle

Another loan of 1.5 million euros is included in the budget for the general renovation of the lindelberghalle. Meanwhile, the claimable costs have been determined at 1,069,000 euros. A loan for this amount has been requested from bank k. For the remaining 431,000 euros another loan will be taken out.
Krupp also pointed out where the deficits are increasing; in the postal agency, for example. The chamber therefore drew attention to the need for frugal budget management. 

Planned “rambo” series must do without stallone

planned 'rambo' series must do without stallone

It was hot news for stallone fans yesterday: they are currently working on a series adaptation of the 80s cult movie "rambo" worked, he cut it – and possibly even sylvester stallone would take over the leading role once again. At least the second one quickly turned out to be a groundless rumor. Stallone loves speculation about "rambo-comeback on friday immediately denied.

If you want to see stallone as john rambo, you’ll have to go back to the old movies – here you can order all three on one dvd

"Despite reports to the contrary, sylvester stallone will certainly not be reprising his role as john rambo on the tv screen", a spokesman for the star told the trade journal "hollywood reporter" with. Nevertheless, stallone could at least imagine working behind the scenes on the design of the project.

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