REWARD: Drone Life News 024 – Drone shipment news, Amsterdam Drone Week conference updates, New Performing FAA administrator

In our most current episode of the Drone Life News program, we cover all the most recent news in the drone market and bring you the most popular updates from guidelines to drone shipments to industrial drone application news.

In our very first news sector of the drone life news, we go over all the most recent news and takeaways from the Drone Week conference in Amsterdam. Miriam simply returned from the conference and has all the very first hand info for our audiences consisting of European drone guideline updates, Urban Air movement and Europe’s take on all the drone advancements.

In our next sector we review Texas drone guidelines being overruled by federal courts and its ramifications. A federal judge had actually just recently overruled a Texas drone law, among the most limiting in the nation, for breaching the First Modification’s securities of liberty of speech and journalism. We go over the specifics of the case and the applications that were enabled by Texas’s now overruled law and how it was unconstitutional.

In our next sector, we go over Billy Nolen’s recruitment as acting administrator of the FAA and his background and possible ruling/considerations that the drone world can anticipate under his management. Will Billy, with years of experience in air travel security have various views on the guidelines compared to his predecessor, Steve Dickson, who brought years of industrial air travel experience?

In our last sector we bring all the most recent updates from the drone shipment world– Wing’s most current trials and Flighttracks industrial tests and what these methods to the drone shipment organization and drone world as a whole.

Capture up on all the most recent drone news and advancements and remain upgraded on all the most recent news.

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  • [00:39]— Secret takeaways from Amsterdam drone week conference
  • [02:24]— Drone guidelines in the state of Texas overruled
  • [08:30]— New acting FAA administrator, Billy Nolan, and industrial drone applications
  • [13:46]— All the updates and most current news in drone shipment– Wing Trials, Flighttracks industrial trials

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