Argue with a maker: Dispute Devil pits your wits versus AI

Dispute Devil is an enjoyable toy– choose a position and have an ARGUMENT with a maker! This is precisely the sort of thing I picture would be actually helpful if you belonged to an amateur discussing club (or, er, an actually poor-quality lawyer, most likely), however, presuming that uses to actually none of you, you might rather utilize it to practice arguing for that payrise or that vacation to the Maldives or that divorce. More seriously (lol I am constantly major) this isn’t a dreadful tool to check hypotheses and thinking– based upon my (undoubtedly restricted) adjusting it, it does a sensible task of teasing out the apparent holes in a provided position (however, likewise, I am a dreadful and lazy arguer therefore your mileage, as ever, might differ).

[via webcurios]

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