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In a current short article, we took a look at the Dronetag Mini Remote ID module. Now, the Dronetag Mini was developed and purposed more towards the industrial pilot and commercial applications than it was for the Enthusiast pilot.

It was truly developed for airplane such as the DJI M600 or M200, neither of which will be getting onboard RID through firmware.

There are a couple of other business systems it appropriates for too.

Dronetag did, nevertheless, inform all of us that they were dealing with something more. Perseverance, they stated! I can state, not one of my virtues, that persistence thing. Wait though one must.

In this case, the wait wasn’t long, and the outcomes, well, they were well worth awaiting. I believe you’ll concur!

Some Quick Things

Prior to we continue, I have a correction or 2 to make– ok, 3, in the abovementioned short article, this one:

Dronetag Mini Commercial RID System (Evaluation)

I made a mistake on Dronetag’s place. I understand, right, that public school education.

No truly, I have actually been dealing with a few of these RID short articles and merely neglected one place as another, a basic oversight that simply requires remedying.

Although I will state when in school, none of the worlds were from any later than 1930 approximately, and this was the 80s and 90s. So, there is that.

Dronetag lies in the terrific city of Prague in the Czech Republic. This is the place of their Head office and workplaces.

They likewise have a production center likewise in the Czech Republic, along with a 2nd place in Taiwan.

This year, they want to be introducing a 3rd production website, here in the United States.

Another correction that requires to be mentioned is the name.

Dronetag! Not DroneTag! I understand, it looks like a little thing, and it is. The distinction in between a lower-case t and an Upper-Case T.

You never ever understand though; it might make a distinction to an online search engine. That little distinction might quickly take one to locations they didn’t mean to go. We have actually all had that a person take place when browsing around.

Go on, I attempt you. Enter Dinosaur and see what you return. A few of that things has absolutely nothing to do with dinosaurs, begun!

The last correction I must explain is the rate. This one is my bad entirely, in making a presumption rather than simply validating things.

Dronetag has actually exercised repaired rates on their modules. So, there is no unusual conversion from pounds to United States dollars.

It likewise implies that you should not be seeing any unusual rate variations. Their market price is the rate of their module.

Hey, I will not protect a mistake, ok possibly simply a little. As a drone pilot, you have actually most likely acquired something from abroad or from a purchaser utilizing a various currency. We are, after all, international.

In some cases when this kind of sale takes place there is a currency exchange rate that can make the rate tough to determine. Dronetag looked after that. Keeping an eye out for us public schoolers.

So, here’s the rates, precisely.

  • Dronetag Mini RID Module $299 or ₤ 299.
  • Dronetag Beacon RID Module $199 or ₤ 199.

Now that we have actually gotten that little bit of company out of the method, let’s enter into simply what Dronetag has actually dropped on us now. The Dronetag Beacon.

Dronetag Beacon

When we think about Remote ID modules, we’re seeing a pattern in size and abilities, offering us some concept of what our expectations must be for these kinds of items.

Then we have our good friends at Dronetag breaking from that mold and bringing us something absolutely unanticipated.

To state that Dronetag bring out a module more in-line with enthusiast pilots was a surprise– it wasn’t. They made that objective understood all along.

After being presented to the Dronetag Mini and seeing what other producers were bring out, we believed we understood what to anticipate. That presumption thing once again. Tends to burn you, you understand.

With what Dronetag provided however, it is definitely astonishing. Consider one’s mind blown, and you ‘d believe I discover. We’ll enter into everything here quickly.

Prior to we do however, we’ll cover the most stunning function of the Dronetag Beacon. The size!

The Size

The Dronetag Beacon is without a doubt the tiniest of the Remote ID modules we have actually seen to date and will most likely see. It’s smaller sized than a Lumecube Strobe.

It truly is small, when compared to what appears to be the accepted standard, determining simply 23.25 mm by 36.8 mm or.915 inches by 1.449 inches. Yeah, like I stated, small.

This small size implies it can go practically anywhere. GPS or FPV quad does not matter– this little module can discover a house on any airplane you might fly.

It fits well ideal behind the action video camera on a lot of FPV quads, it truly does. Right on top of the battery is an excellent area.

The factor for comparing this module to a Lumecube Strobe is it can quickly be put right where your strobe would opt for night operations.

For the house develop drones, this is a best service too if you do not wish to wire in a RID module board comparable to this one likewise used by Dronetag.

This Dronetag DRI Module is used for $49 or 49 pounds, for those who would like a straight wired system.

Just Like the other items used by Dronetag, the DRI systems like the Mini and Beacon all have fixed-rate rates. So even if it’s marked in pounds, the rate is the very same in dollars.


In addition to the little size of the Dronetag Beacon, it likewise is presently the lightest of all the RID modules we have actually taken a look at up until now and more than likely will not be displaced anytime quickly on its weight, just like its size.

Weighing in at just 16 grams, the majority of those arguments about weight might not hold up too well to this little black charm. Although 16 grams is still 16 grams being included.

So, for those near to the 250-gram limitation, eek! As the guidelines mention the liftoff weight is the weight you require to pass for the 250-gram limitation.

Prior to we proceed, it ought to be explained that the Dronetag Beacon is likewise an excellent RID service for Design leaflets.

We do not take almost adequate time to point out or think of these pilots. They are our brethren and RID will be impacting them too. No leaflet ought to be restricted to simply flying in a FRIA. No leaflet!

Thankfully this module that Dronetag has actually put out will work for those fellow Design Pilots too. 16 grams is still 16 grams.

Nevertheless, for a lot of design airplane, possibly not a few of the foamy’s, this is a weight that can a minimum of be utilized with just a very little quantity of modification to the airplane’s flight specifications and is little enough to be nestled in with the battery.

Operation Time!

Dronetag Hobbyist RID Unit (Review)

Upon looking at the small little module within its product packaging, it would be simple to presume a poor battery time. After all, it’s quite dang little, could not have that excellent of a battery.

That’s the important things about those presumptions. The Dronetag Beacon provides a remarkable 16 hours of battery life per charge. No, I’m severe. I likewise put his to the test, two times.

The real battery time I received from both of those tests surpassed 16 hrs. with the very first time being 16 hrs 37 minutes and the 2nd time being 16 hrs and 38 minutes. So yeah, 16 hours.

Now I would presume once again that this time would reduce gradually and usage. Here, that’s a safe presumption from what we understand about the batteries being utilized.

It reveals that Dronetag went through all of the actions to guarantee their item is simply as they have actually represented it.

Now to be reasonable, and to comprehend the test specifications, the 2 times I ran the battery durability test, the system was merely on.

I point this out, because, depending upon the settings and the setup of the Beacon, the battery life can vary.

The test I carried out was developed to get the very best battery life results possible and is not to be puzzled with genuine in-the-field usage.

When running this module while broadcasting, I was just able to get an operating time of around 15 hours and 22 minutes.

This was with the module operating as if in flight. That’s quite precise and much better than we see with a few of our other rechargeable systems.

What does it do?

The Dronetag Beacon is really comparable to the Dronetag Mini, as it transmits the upcoming needed Remote ID broadcast info and is a Direct Broadcast Module.

Yeah, I understand that states a lot without stating a lot. Here’s what is required for compliance with a Remote ID module.

Drone Remote Recognition with Broadcast Module

  1. Remote ID ability through module connected to drone
  2. Restricted to visual line-of-sight operations
  3. From departure to shutdown, drone broadcasts:
    • Drone ID
    • Drone place and elevation
    • Drone speed
    • Launch place and elevation
    • Time mark

So, the Dronetag Beacon does all of that and after that some.

Making Use Of a few of the most recent variations of Bluetooth, such as Bluetooth 4.2 and 5, these small little modules can transmit as much as 3 km or 1.86 miles. That’s a quite fantastic variety. With the kind of system being used, that variety is rather excellent.

Now to resolve some confusion that’s surfacing out there, these modules transmit their signal from the system, so even if you’re flying and have actually surpassed the variety of the Dronetag Beacon itself, it is still transmitting to receivers in the variety of the beacon.

These modules in no chance prevent your flying. You can still fly as far as your line of website.

In none of the RID guidelines, does it state that your flight is limited to the variety of the RID module. It’s a nasty report, and how it got going, who understands.

Now we’re all acquainted with Bluetooth. We utilize everything the time with our essential fobs, our garage door openers, and our cordless gadgets such as earphones, and mics.

The list actually continues and on. We’re surrounded by it at all times, even in locations we do not think of.

Among the essential things all of us understand, is that I much like you, do not get any kind of kilometer plus variety with my earphones, although that would be remarkable, and it might be boiling down the pipeline at some time here in the future.

Although it surrounds us, numerous do not understand what Bluetooth is.

It’s a radio transmission system. What makes it distinct is the method which it encodes and translates info by what is described as frequency-hopping spread spectrum[1]

Bluetooth has a remarkable capability to diminish information into really little, quickly moved packages that can be rapidly sent out and be unloaded by the receiver, through adaptive frequency-hopping ( AFH).

It looks like real-time information is being shared due to the restricted quantity of lag.

Although there is a brief lag from the sender to the receiver, it isn’t obvious to the audience.

Likewise, like any other kind of radio transmission system, be it Wi-Fi, Cellular, or DJI’s 03, there are specific methods one can increase variety through power changes and antennas, and modulation.

This is how the Dronetag Beacon runs– by utilizing the LE Long-Range Bluetooth connections over 40 channel spectrum and at 2MHz broadcast speed.

This can operate in one of 2 methods, with the latter being how RID modules are established to run.

The LE Long-Range Bluetooth alternative permits one to either double the speed to a 2 Mbit/s burst at the expenditure of variety by utilizing more power, or, when it comes to the Dronetag Beacon, by reducing the speed it has the ability to increase the variety.

This offers as much as 4 times the variety at the expenditure of the information rate, so by reducing the information rate, the variety can be increased with the existing power rate. That is how these gadgets have the ability to reach series of 3km or 1.86 miles.

The Apps

As you might or might not understand, Dronetag has 2 apps. One is for the Dronetag item and is for usage with items like the Beacon and the Mini itself, so you can sign up the gadget and set it up.

This registration is for Dronetag and their item and must not be puzzled with the FAA module registration.

When finishing setting your module up in the app, you will still require to sign up the module with the FAA.

The App is really easy to use and guides you through the set-up procedure, making it simple to rapidly establish the Beacon for usage.

For the Dronetag Beacon, the app deal have some modification to match your flight’s requirements. It permits you to set up numerous gadget specifications, which will assist you enhance efficiency and battery use.

It has an integrated flight organizer and will be LAANC available. This makes it a one-stop app for all your flight requirements

Here we have the Airplane info page.

Here, you would input your airplane’s info, with a substantial list of airplane currently gotten in with much of the needed info that you, the user, would more than likely requirement to search for.

As Soon As once again, Dronetag made every effort to enhance the procedure.

As you can see by choosing the maker, almost every design that the maker has actually is currently noted. By choosing that design, such info as Airplane weight, class, and endurance are substituted us.

You can likewise see here, one can go into several airplane into the app and after that have the ability to pick the airplane that we’re flying at the time of utilizing the RID Module.


The other App is called DroneScanner This app was established for those who wish to keep an eye on drone activity in their location. Which I have actually caring decreed to be the Karen App.

This is likewise a terrific app, well considered, and simple to utilize. Functions simply as developed. This App will not just get Dronetag modules, however it will likewise get all RID broadcasts in the location it’s being utilized in.

So, what does this App do? Well, here it is.

  • Discover more about drones flying close by in real-time
  • Examine detailed info transmitted by drones through Bluetooth 4, Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi Beacon, and Wi-Fi NAN
  • Search an in-depth map with your place and all neighboring airplane
  • Examine offered information about drones, consisting of real-time height, instructions, pilot recognition, pilot position, operation description, and place history
  • Different flying zones are significant and highlighted on the map
  • Easy export of gathered information
  • Continually upgraded to show the current EU & & United States guidelines

This is what all the upcoming Drone tracking Apps will be doing to one degree or another. It might be simple to discover this as invasive, sure. This is Remote ID.

Now this App remains in consistent advancement and will most likely alter rather previous to September 16th, 2023, with the most current upgrade being Feb 12, 2023.

I can just presume that as more RID-style modules are established and as a growing number of business make their Airplane certified, we’ll see much more updates.

In the meantime, if you have an interest in what remains in the skies above you, you can download this app from the Play or App Shop you utilize.


I need to state, for myself, this is the module for me. I like whatever about it, as far as taste something you’re unsure you require however is needed. So, one needs to choose one.

The $199 cost does not appear regrettable when thinking about that the most inexpensive RID module, out since this date, is $129. This is the Bluemark db120 Beacon.

We have actually examined that too, which short article can be discovered here.

Bluemark DroneBeacon Remote ID Transponder (Evaluation)

In regard to the Bluemark Module, I just recently spoke with them to let me understand that they heard the issues I raised in their evaluation, and they have actually because made these modifications which they shared through an e-mail.

Complete list of modifications:

So, this reveals that Bluemark is attempting to make a location for itself in the RID market, and is undoubtedly working to enhance its item.

You understand what? I believe Roel and the gang at BlueTag have actually made their silver metal score. They supply exceptional client service and have actually shown to be responsive to alter if required to enhance their item.

Back to the Dronetag Beacon though. The develop of this system is strong, built of quality plastic products, with the essential elements nicely secured by a sealed case.

It can quickly manage that regrettable crash occasionally.

The completely working surrounding App does use it a breeze. In a world where we currently have numerous things on our pre-flight list, the ease of usage with any of Dronetags line of product is exceptional.

The little size is simply astonishing after dealing with a few of these modules. It is quickly half the size of anything else we’re seeing or perhaps smaller sized. When size matters, you understand, other than the opposite in this case.

The Dronetag Beacon can be fitted to almost every airplane out there with just a minimal impact on efficiency and battery intake.

Like I explained, the Dronetag Beacon can nestle ideal behind your action video camera, and you do not even understand it exists. Perfect for FPV pilots out there, where the size of a RID module can significantly affect the airplane’s capabilities.

In the short article where we examined the Dronetag Mini, it was plainly developed that Dronetag is truly seeming the Remote ID leader, and they exist themselves rather well.

With the addition of the Dronetag Beacon, they have actually revealed us yet once again the Gold Requirement.

From the module’s ease of usage, battery life, and its merely small size, the Beacon is a gold medal winner for sure, and the competitors is going to be really hard-pressed to provide something much better than this.

Dronetag, can’t wait to see what you create next.

Fly Safe, Fly Constantly, Constantly Fly Safe!

1. Frequency-hopping spread spectrum (

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