Tim Cook ends up being Apple’s longest-serving CEO … however with a twist

Steve Jobs is no longer the male who invested the longest time as Apple CEO. Tim Cook, the executive presently in charge, has actually now gone beyond Jobs’ record of 4,249 days with that title, making him formally Apple’s longest-serving CEO.

However it ends up the computation isn’t that basic. Steve Jobs invested numerous extra years in charge of Apple. He simply wasn’t formally “Apple CEO” at the time.

Tim Cook is Apple’s longest-serving CEO

Chris Espinosa– an Apple staff member because 1976— stated on Thursday through Mastodon, “Since today, Tim Cook ends up being Apple’s longest-serving CEO at 4250 days in the seat.”

"As of today, Tim Cook becomes Apple’s longest-serving CEO"
Tim Cook has actually been “Apple CEO” longer than anybody.
Screenshot: Cult of Mac

Tim Cook ended up being Apple CEO in August 2011 and has actually held the post till today. He was called CEO simply weeks prior to Steve Jobs’ death in October 2011

Steve Jobs took control of Apple’s leading area in 1997 However his title was “Interim CEO.” He was holding the position briefly while the body tried to find somebody to fill the function completely.

The individual they settled one to be the brand-new head of Apple was [SPOILERS] Steve Jobs. However it wasn’t till 2010 that his title altered formally to “CEO.” He ran the business for another years till he ended up being ill and died.

If one overlooks the Interim-CEO-vs.- CEO concern, it will not be till October 2025 that Tim Cook will outlive Steve Jobs as the head of Apple.

CEOs in the early days of Apple

Throughout the very first twenty years of Apple’s history, the business had 5 CEOs. Lots of people may be stunned to find out that Steve Jobs wasn’t among them. He was thought about too young and unskilled to run the business when it integrated in 1977 then was booted out in 1985

The list goes:

  • Michael Scott (1977– 1981)
  • Mike Markkula (1981– 1983)
  • John Sculley (1983– 1993)
  • Michael Spindler (1993– 1996)
  • Gil Amelio (1996– 1997)

Amelio’s quick period was a catastrophe, and Apple was approaching personal bankruptcy when the Board of Directors welcomed Steve Jobs to come back.

Steve Jobs was the very first iCEO

Who has been 'Apple CEO' longest?
Counting the variety of days every Apple CEO held that title.
Chart: D. Griffin Jones/Cult of Mac

Who’s counting?

Length of time with a particular title definitely isn’t the most essential requirements to compare these 2 individuals. (See our shootout:

Tim Cook vs. Steve Jobs: Who is Apple’s finest CEO ever?

Steve Jobs’ time as CEO brought the world iPhone and iPad. Tim Cook supervise the release of Apple Watch and AirPods. Jobs’ returned Apple from near personal bankruptcy, and Prepare took its assessment to over $2 trillion dollars.

Reasonably, the business has actually done exceptionally under both of them.

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