ADU 01167: Can I Get The Necessary Legal Permissions to Map an Entire Town With a Drone?

Today’s show is about mapping entire towns with drones. Is this a cost-feasible and legally permissible option?

Our caller for today, Ryan from Utah wishes to survey an entire town with a drone. Legally speaking, is this even a possibility? Can Ryan get the necessary permissions to fly over people and BVLOS if required?

On today’s show, we share how Ryan can legally map large swathes of land without filing a waiver at all. We also compare mapping with drones to mapping from planes and reveal if the former can produce more detailed, more accurate maps. Enjoy!

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  • [01:43]Today’s question is about mapping an entire town with a drone
  • [02:43]Mapping with drones vs. Mapping from planes – which is the more affordable option if you are dealing with large tracts of land?
  • [03:23]The new Phase One camera allows you to shoot obliques at 150 MP!
  • [04:34]Can you create more detailed maps with a drone?
  • [04:50]Flying over people without a waiver
  • [06:04]How to map large swathes of land in one go
  • [06:30]Can Ryan legally fly this job without a waiver?
  • [09:29]Tips for filing a waiver
  • [11:02]Does the right drone make it easier for Ryan to legally fly this job?
  • [13:10]How can Drone U’s new PROPS program help out Ryan?

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