Meet the 2023 Imagine Cup Epic Challenge Winners!



The 2023 Imagine Cup is all about global student innovators building together to make a difference with technology and developing their own skills along the way. Teams had the option of submitting their project to the Epic Challenge as an early step in their competition journey. The Epic Challenge is an opportunity for teams to receive preliminary feedback on their ideas from professional judges and have the chance to win a spot to directly advance to the World Finals round. 


To enter the challenge, teams submitted a 3-minute project pitch and proposal for an original technology solution developed in one of the 2023 Imagine Cup’s competition categories: Earth, Education, Health, or Lifestyle. Each Epic Challenge submission was judged, and a winner from each region was selected. These teams will each take home USD1,000 to continue developing their projects, receive judge feedback, and advance to the Imagine Cup World Finals in May 2023!


Meet the Winners



Eupnea, United States, Americas

Category: Health

Project Description: The complete package that provides Tuberculosis patients and health care providers with a low-cost solution to save lives and eradicate TB.




deStigma, Singapore, Asia 

Category: Health

Project description: deStigma is an AI-powered application that aids psychiatrists in the detection of autism spectrum disorder in children. We equip psychiatrists with empirical statistics and analysis on their patients, empowering them to make data-driven decisions.




iBoost, Kenya, EMEA

Category: Lifestyle

Project description: iBoost is a smart signal amplifier which leverages Azure Machine learning, Bing maps platform and a host of other Microsoft technologies to bring an end to the internet connectivity and cellular network challenges brought about by poor network coverage.

In addition, three runner-up teams were selected from each region. These teams will receive feedback from judges for the chance to improve their projects and pitches ahead of their next round of the competition. Competitors, check your account page for the submission deadline in your region. 


Americas runner-up teams:

Alert Heart, United States, Health

Project Description: A wireless monitoring device to detect heart attacks and alert caretakers.

wav3, United States, Lifestyle

Project Description: In the U.S., 1 million people use American Sign Language to communicate, but it is not understood by the public. Audible Motion is an efficient ASL translator and accessible solution to the communication barrier between the deaf and hearing.

Garotos Rurais, Brazil, Education

Project Description: Study UP comes with the proposal to make learning a more playful and interactive process, to awaken in the student a greater appreciation for learning and enhance their studies with the help of a virtual environment focused on individual development.


Asia runner-up teams:

TangiGuru, Sri Lanka, Education

Project Description: Early childhood education is the steppingstone for developing critical thinking in a child. TangiGuru aims to motivate children with learning disabilities to think and learn on their own while enhancing their physical and mental development.

MoonChick, Indonesia, Earth

Project Description: MoonChick is a smart collaborative system for the broiler farming business using big data analytics and IoT technology which is also assisted with machine learning technology so that it can help poultry owners decrease broiler mortality.

Team PNP, Nepal, Health

Project Description: Our device will be able to predict objects and find their locations in bounding boxes. We would develop a protocol which can connect existing solutions of smart homes and make the lives of visually impaired people much easier.


EMEA runner-up teams:

Rascals 2.0, South Africa, Lifestyle

Project Description: Finding your family after becoming a refugee is incredibly difficult. Re-Connect provides everything a refugee might need to find their loved ones quickly and safely with modern tech and convenience.

PotenSheAll, France, Health

Project Description: Our project is an application that helps visually impaired people move around the city, detect obstacles, and find objects thus feeling freer in their actions.

The Happy Mountain, Turkey, Health

Project Description: The project is an artificial intelligence model established to classify biological images without being affected by experimental noise.


Congratulations to all these talented teams for their innovations!  We can’t wait to see how the rest of your competition journey unfolds. 


If you’d like to sign up to compete in the Imagine Cup, it’s not too late! Register for the Online Semifinals by January 27, 2023, and take advantage of training resources to start innovating for the future. 

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