7 awesome accessories that will take your new Mac to the next level

As noted above, it’s often more comfortable to use a separate mouse rather than the trackpad on a MacBook. Here, again, our favorite mouse isn’t Apple’s Magic Mouse. Rather, it’s another Logitech device, the MX Master 3S mouse.

Like the original MX Master 3, the main thing that attracted us to the MX Master 3S is its nice collection of buttons that stand in stark contrast to Apple’s mice, which are effectively button-free. Unfortunately, this mouse is still only for right-handed users, but it has some nice upgrades over the 3, including a new optical sensor and quiet-click buttons. It has the standard left/right buttons and a scroll wheel, but the scroll-wheel works in two different modes, with a high-speed mode for zooming through long documents and web pages, as well as a slower mode that provides greater precision and tactile feedback. There’s also a second wheel on the side, which allows you to scroll horizontally. Plus there are two more buttons that can be programmed using Logitech’s Options app for your Mac.

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