BONUS: Drone Life News 025 – Approved Drone Manufacturer list updates, Latest tech in Drone World and F1 racing in the sky?

In our latest episode of the Drone Life News show, we cover all the latest news in the drone industry and bring you the hottest updates from regulations to new drone tech to air mobility.

In our first news segment of the drone life news, we discuss all the latest news in the approved manufacturer list starting with Florida’s approved manufacturer list and the confusion the list has caused along with discussing the results of an agency survey on manufacturers they use and the problems that the agencies would face with the new list.

In our next segment we discuss all about Iris Automation announcement of its ground-based detect and avoid (DAA) surveillance solution, Casia G, that will be made commercially available. We discuss how the Casia G utilizing the same AI and computer vision technology as other Iris Automation’s onboard solutions, will offer full optical 360° degree field of view to detect, alert and enable operators to avoid both co-operative and non-cooperative aircraft for safe beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flight.

In our next segment, we discuss Lexie Janson, social media personality and FPV drone pilot, will take part in the first first-person view (FPV) drone races, and will train to race flying cars – first as unmanned vehicles, and later as a pilot aboard the aircraft itself. Janson recently joined Australia-based Airspeeder EXA Series, the world’s first racing league for electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) vehicles, otherwise known as flying cars.

In our last segment we discuss about Colorado-based Black Swift Technologies who initiated the commercial launch of an un-crewed aircraft system (UAS) equipped with a novel soil moisture sensor that will change the game for water management in agriculture and emergency response and what these applications mean to the drone world.

Catch up on all the latest drone news and developments and stay updated on all the latest news.

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  • [1:02] – Latest news on approved drone manufacturer list for drone programs
  • [6:40] – Iris automation’s new ground base sense and avoid system
  • [10:58] – F1 racing in the sky? FPV pilot Lexi Jenson recruited for air speeder races
  • [14:05] – Blackswift technologies and solutions to m easuring water density from the ground

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