Super Bowl 2024 wagering: Most significant bets, props, patterns for 49ers-Chiefs in LVIII

More than $300 billion has actually been wagered with American sportsbooks given that 2018, when the U.S. Supreme Court launched a judgment that stimulated extensive growth of legal wagering. Now, for the very first time, the Super Bowl– the most greatly wager single video game in U.S. sports– is pertaining to Las Vegas.


In the very first week given that the match was set, there was at least one million-dollar bet, a six-figure wager on the coin flip (tails never ever stops working!) and a multitude of Taylor Swift-related prop offerings from sportsbooks.

Larger and wilder bets are anticipated, and ESPN’s sports wagering group, led by authors Doug Greenberg and David Purdum, will follow everything in this upgrading file that’s ripe for bookmarking.

All the best!

Super Bowl LVIII

Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers
Sunday, Feb. 11, 6 p.m. ET, Allegiant Arena, Las Vegas

Agreement point spread and overall: 49ers -2, 47.5
Cash line: San Francisco -130/ Kansas City +110

Action report: The early wagering has actually been uneven on the underdog Chiefs, with BetMGM, DraftKings, ESPN BET and FanDuel each reporting 71-76% of the spread bets on Kansas City.

Action on the cash line likewise is uneven, with around 85% of the bets on Kansas City since Feb. 2.

Saturday upgrade: After a preliminary approach the Chiefs, the Super Bowl point spread has actually been ticking back up towards the preferred 49ers. The SuperBook on Saturday bumped the line as much as San Francisco -2.5.

Jeff Sherman, vice president of threat for the SuperBook, informed ESPN a build-up of bets on the 49ers triggered the relocation. “We simply wish to put it out there, see if anybody desires 2.5 at this time,” Sherman stated in a text.

The huge Super Bowl bets

• $ 1 million: The very first of what’s anticipated to be numerous million-dollar Super Bowl bets was reported Jan. 30 by Caesars Sportsbook. The bet: $1 million on the 49ers cash line (-120 ).

• $120,000: One wagerer at South Point put in wagers for 60 various props throughout the board at $2,000 each for an overall of $120,000, per Vaccaro.

• $ 105,000: Famous Las Vegas bookie Jimmy Vaccaro of the South Point gambling establishment reported taking a $105,000 bet on the 49ers -1 on Jan. 29.

• $ 100,000: Caesars reported taking a $100,000 on the coin toss to land tails from a Michigan wagerer on Jan. 30. A hundred K on the coin toss? What the flip!?

Side note: The most popular prop bet at DraftKings since Feb. 2 was … tails. The second-most popular: heads.

• $ 25,000 to win $1 million: A gambler with DraftKings apparently put $25,000 on Kansas City running back Isiah Pacheco to be called Super Bowl MVP. At 40-1, the bet would pay $1 million.

• $ 15,000 to win $975,000: A gambler with DraftKings dropped $15,000 on Chiefs receiver Rashee Rice to be MVP. At 65-1, the bet would win $975,000.

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