Letters: An Post to rescue after age-related insurance coverage trek

I attempted to restore my automobile insurance coverage with brokers Cornmarket. I notified the broker that my yearly mileage was 8,000 km, my chauffeur’s licence was restored in February after a medical test, my automobile’s NCT certificate was acquired in October 2023 and there was to be no called chauffeur on the policy.

The very first quote I got was EUR748.67, a boost of EUR198.49 on in 2015’s premium, or 37pc. I called the broker and was provided a revised premium of EUR718.96– last deal.

I think the expensive boost is age-related as I will commemorate my 80th birthday on February 15.

Now for fortunately. I have actually been guaranteed for the coming year by An Post, with a premium costing EUR560.18– for the precise very same policy.

Call and attend to with editor

Seán Russell statue functions as Holocaust suggestion

Sir– Tom Cooper (‘ Attack on Russell is doing not have in proof’, Letters, December 10) dismisses Eddie Naughton’s contribution (‘ A Nazi partner honoured in Dublin’, Letters, December 3) as “high up on embellishment, however doing not have in compound” and requires explanation.

Getting Here in Berlin in Might 1940, Seán Russell, then chief-of-staff of the individual retirement account, was accorded the advantages of a diplomat and offered with a rental property and a chauffeur-driven automobile. Russell’s intermediary officer while in Nazi Germany was SS Standartenfuhrer Edmund Veesenmayer.

In summer season 1940, Russell recommended to his buddy Veesenmayer: “England’s trouble is Ireland’s chance.” He proposed establishing a brand-new Irish Brigade in his conferences with German intelligence and the foreign ministry.

Veesenmayer was a Holocaust criminal who substantially added to it in Hungary and was a subordinate of Ernst Kaltenbrunner. It was Kaltenbrunner who offered the order to hang on to recorded Irish-born British merchant seafarers in the Bremen Farge servant labour camp for declining to work for Nazi Germany.

One might argue, like Mr Naughton, that the presence of a statue that memorialises Russell in Fairview Park is an insult to those who suffered in the death camps.

Regardless of truthfully held viewpoints, we can not alter or reword history by eliminating statues with connections to our past. Russell’s statue ought to be left in situ as a noticeable suggestion of the Holocaust.

Mr Cooper looks for to safeguard his and Russell’s track record. A reasonable point. Nevertheless, he must bear in mind the Latin expression “qui orgasm canibus concumbunt orgasm pulicibus surgent” (if you rest with pet dogs, you get up with fleas).

Peter Mulvany, Clontarf, Dublin 3

Dublin homage insults all victims of Nazism

Sir– Tom Cooper declares there is no proof that Seán Russell was a Nazi partner. I disagree. Possibly there’s no smoking cigarettes weapon, however the circumstantial case is rather engaging.

It refers record that as much as his death on a German U-boat in 1940, Russell totally supported the Nazis versus the Allies. Many observers think he was being reminded Ireland to make preparations for a German landing.

Undoubtedly, his fans had actually currently been preparing for such an intrusion by informing individuals: “Need to German forces land in Ireland, they will land … as buddies and liberators of the Irish individuals.”

Russell’s statue actually requires to come down. It’s the least Dublin can do by method of an apology for insulting the victims of Nazism over the last 7 years.

Eddie Naughton, The Coombe, Dublin 8

Cop28 nonrenewable fuel source offer is simply a smokescreen

Sir– To be or not to be: that is the concern when it concerns the so-called historical contract that everybody at Cop28 is raving about. However is it actually a Cop-out?

While it prompts countries to shift far from nonrenewable fuel sources, it does not obligate nations to phase them out completely.

The 8 alternatives proposed in the contract to lower our carbon emissions is a kind of get-out-of-jail-free card for the larger emitters and providers of nonrenewable fuel sources.

Christy Galligan, Letterkenny, Co Donegal

Sir– Cop28 was absolutely nothing however a fob-off to provide rich states a long time to increase production, lower the cost and flood the world with their black toxin.

Mike Burke, Sixmilebridge, Co Clare

Sir– Before this top, Cop28 was discussed as being the opportunity for humankind to be conserved. I make certain this very same story will once again be pitched next year in Azerbaijan. It resembles we are residing in a relentless Groundhog Day of Police officer tops.

John O’Brien, Clonmel, Co Tipperary

International concern could have regional option

Sir– Could I recommend that a person action we could require to fight environment modification would be to increase regional production of typically utilized products? From an environment modification viewpoint it makes total sense to have as brief a range as possible in between the buyer and the customer.

While shoes were made in 10 Irish towns in 1971, now, aside from dancing shoes, they are no longer made here. The last sugar factory in Ireland closed in 2006. Ireland now imports sugar from 9 nations.

In the light of worldwide discontent and financial unpredictability, it is just useful to be as self-dependent as possible, a minimum of for the fundamentals. Regional food production enhances regional economies and in addition increases neighborhood durability and cohesion.

Elizabeth Cullen, Kilcullen, Co Kildare

Roderic O’Gorman cuts shine light on hypocrisy

Sir– Paradox of paradoxes. Roderic O’Gorman, the Minister for Kid, Equality, Special Needs, Combination and Youth, appears like he will now get his method both decreasing the quantity paid to brand-new Ukrainian arrivals to a basic EUR38.80 a week and restricting state-provided lodging to 90 days (‘ Well-being cuts on the cards for Ukrainians’, Sunday Independent, December 10).

This is the very same Green Celebration minister who was roundly criticised by his cabinet coworkers last October (as reported in the media) for proposing such an effort that would usually be the maintain of a conservative administration such as that of Hungary’s Viktor Orban.

Roderic O’Gorman is an underrated minister

The Rural Independents now discover themselves in a dilemma. Do they support the policies of a celebration of the delegated restrict the quantities paid to brand-new refugees while at the very same time arguing for higher lodging supports to which they and the economic sector have benefited immensely from?

Fair play to among the busiest and most underrated ministers this nation has actually ever seen. In one fell swoop he has actually driven a slab through the naked hypocrisy of a lot of political agents.

Tom McElligott, Listowel, Co Kerry

Citizens silenced in migration dispute

Sir– Gavan Reilly argues that the Federal government has actually made it a “virtue” of not engaging with the far best on migration, the unstated goal being to starve them of the oxygen of promotion (Viewpoint, December 10).

The issue is that the technique has actually stopped working. The voting public, in viewpoint surveys, has actually regularly revealed migration is a concern. You might not want to engage with the far right, however neglecting citizens leaves a vacuum. The far best filled that vacuum.

The political messaging has actually likewise been both inconsistent and messed up. On the one hand, anybody who tries to articulate a reasonable technique to migration is identified far right. Based Upon Helen McEntee’s meaning, a big part of the population is now far best. That is how ridiculous the dispute has actually ended up being.

At the very same time, Leo Varadkar has actually argued that Ireland requires to “slow the circulation” of migration and be “reasonable” about the assistance provided to Ukrainians. According to Leo, we need to stop the “pull aspects”. Does this not speak the language of the far best? Naturally not.

Andy Hales, Kenmare, Co Kerry

Israel’s propaganda should be called out

Sir– Julia Molony presents the concern regarding why the sexual assault of Israeli females in the continuous dispute is not highlighted more by the media (Viewpoint, December 10). As a response, perhaps it is Israel’s continuous fumbling and apparent efforts at discrediting Hamas by propaganda.

Their childish and much-failed efforts leave most groups reluctant to respond to their propaganda efforts, understanding the stories are most likely lies.

It is the duty of traditional media to call out the continuous, unproved Israeli lies developed to provide reliability to their actions in Gaza, however currently they have actually stopped working to call Israel out.

Ray Dunne, Enfield, Co Meath

Hamas poised for a reign of real horror

Sir– According to UN and EU information, about 65pc of Palestinian individuals support Hamas. Hamas, which manages all elements of life in Gaza, including its health ministry, is acknowledged and classified as a terrorist organisation by the EU and United States.

I have actually heard numerous from Sinn Féin and Individuals Before Earnings compare Gaza to an al fresco jail, however I understand of no al fresco jail anywhere that has a stockpile of countless rockets, mortars and gatling gun drizzling down death at every chance on their neighbour.

Eoin O’Dubh, Delgany, Co Wicklow

Missing out on individuals are ignored in media

Sir– National Missing Persons Day fell on December 6 and was not discussed in Sunday Independent editions either side of this. This overlook was throughout much media and evokes the Pearl Dollar expression, although utilized in a various context: “The test of a civilisation is the manner in which it looks after its powerless members.”

Brian S Goggin, Knocknacarra, Galway

Reporters provide knockout blows

Sir– Long might your outstanding Sunday Independent last. I enjoy your authors a lot it takes me a whole week to check out the paper. Recently’s edition was extraordinary, with Eilis O’Hanlon’s Conor McGregor piece the icing on the cake.

Eilish Ni Raifteirig, Portlaoise, Co Laois

Eilish O’Hanlon a deserving follower to Gene Kerrigan

Sir– I believed the Sunday Indo would not be the very same without Gene Kerrigan’s dazzling, amusing realism. His short article was the very first page I check out every week. Nevertheless, I believe we have a deserving follower in Eilis O’Hanlon.

Chris Kelly, Raheny, Dublin 5

Sinn Féin’s program of ire masks its real nature

Sir– Sinn Féin’s tried representation of itself as the real celebration of order is tactically focused on winning over middle Ireland. Nevertheless, provided the celebration’s sordid history and its continuing uncertainty about the Unique Crook Court, it’s reasonable to ask if the fire and brimstone from Mary Lou McDonald and her coworkers is the things of conviction– or simple benefit.

Why are numerous existing affairs reporters seduced by the always-on upset mode of Sinn Féin, however hardly ever applaud the Union’s accomplishments? The latter’s effective handling of nationwide crises like Brexit, Covid and the previous year’s inflation rise is hardly ever praised. There’s a much higher tendency to lap up Sinn Féin’s mad-as-hell soundtrack.

Yes, there are genuine imperfections in the Federal government’s record: real estate supply, healthcare facility bed lacks, and, latterly, migration pressures. The most significant pinch aspect typical to all 3 has actually been the population surge. Naturally, the resource difficulties this presents do not include in the Sinn Féin story and are hardly ever referenced in media analysis either.

More youthful individuals, as much as the age of 40 maybe, do not share the visceral antipathy to Sinn Féin felt by numerous older citizens. They disappeared than 15 when the Excellent Friday Arrangement brought an official end to the more homicidal activities of the individual retirement account. However it does not excuse more youthful citizens of the requirement to notify themselves about the real nature of Sinn Féin.

Sinn Féin is not a typical, democratic celebration. Its political program is chosen by the eight-person Coiste Seasta (that includes a variety of ex-IRA operatives) based in Belfast.

Both the Taoiseach and Tánaiste continue to get in touch with Sinn Féin to condemn the individual retirement account’s murder project; Leo Varadkar just recently specified that the possibility of a Sinn Féin minister for justice, or defence or foreign affairs after the next basic election was “repugnant”.

Nevertheless, this stimulates little media response. Rather, they back the Sinn Féin argument that it’s time to proceed. However would Sinn Féin, or its media “cheerleaders”, get away with stating that we should draw a veil over kid clerical abuse in Ireland in the 1980s and 1990s and no longer examine or prosecute such cases?

Stephen O’Byrnes, Morehampton Roadway, Dublin 4

Action over water services stagnates

Sir– Some years back, following an effective project versus the application of water charges, the Oireachtas developed a Joint Committee on the Future Financing of Domestic Water Solutions.

The committee released a report in April 2017 that was highly important of the State in its overlook of the general public water services for many years. It likewise supported the idea of a referendum on water services continuing in public ownership, mentioning that this ought to be preserved in the Constitution

Nearly 7 years later on, the Federal government has actually not acted. It would appear it has no issue in having referendums on liberal suitables, however has trouble in holding one on the general public ownership of water services.

Dr Tadhg Moloney, Gouldavoher, Limerick

Irish marital relationship bar was plainly sexist

Sir– David Quinn cautions versus “false information” and mentions that just females who were paid by the State were impacted by the marital relationship bar (‘ Do not be deceived into believing referendum has to do with sexism’, December 10).

My mom held a clerical position at Sunbeam Wolsey in Cork, which she enjoyed and stood out at. On weding my daddy in 1963, she was required to leave that position due to the marital relationship bar. My daddy continued in his profession in the very same business due to the fact that he was male. Her profession was efficiently ended due to the fact that she was not. That is sexism, Mr Quinn.

Not just did she need to leave a position she enjoyed, her contributing state pension would have been impacted had she not went back to the labor force once the marital relationship bar was raised.

Kathryn Doyle, Millfield, Cork

A welcome modification to the Constitution

Sir– It is seldom I concur with David Quinn, however his short article relating to the proposed referendum on Post 41.2 was precise.

His suggested modification in phrasing to “the State shall, for that reason, endeavour to guarantee that carers will not be required by financial need to participate in labour outside the home” would benefit everyone.

Paddy Murray, Castlepollard, Co Westmeath

JP McManus ratings with GAA contribution

Sir– My late mom utilized to state: “There is no tow-bar on a hearse– you can’t take it with you.” JP McManus, in contributing EUR32m to GAA boards, reveals he comprehends that. Well done, JP.

Kevin Carolan, Bailieboro, Co Cavan

Kindly garda made a victim of PC culture

Sir– It was not a surprise to check out the garda who was suspended for offering a senior guy an undesirable bike ( Sunday Independent, December 10).

In the real life years back, he would have been applauded for his charity and empathy. In the PC world we now reside in, he is dealt with like a criminal.

Gerry Dunne, Balbriggan, Co Dublin

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