‘We are looking towards Ed and Taylor today as the motivation.’

MBW’s World’s Greatest Managers series profiles the very best artist supervisors in the worldwide company. In the last of 2023’s profiles, we satisfy Drew Simmons, supervisor of Noah Kahan, the most significant advancement artist of the last 12 months. World’s Greatest Managers is supported by Centtrip, a professional in smart treasury, payments and forex– produced with the music market and its requirements in mind.

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When Drew Simmons initially discovered Noah Kahan on SoundCloud, he was encouraged he ‘d found somebody special. Just one issue: the sensation was not shared.

” Noah actually didn’t have any idea of what the music market was,” chuckles Simmons. “He didn’t believe I was genuine– he believed I was catfishing him.”

So, Simmons drove numerous miles to Kahan’s rural Vermont home in order to encourage the artist that, not just was he real, however that he was the supervisor to assist the nascent singer-songwriter handle the world.

The truth that, today, Kahan is the most popular advancement act upon the world reveals that Simmons was successful in his objective. However, although there was less than a year in between Kahan supporting Amos Lee at Red Rocks, and offering out the storied location in his own right in July, this was no over night viral success. Kahan’s increase has actually been an old-fashioned story of artist advancement, albeit one in which he reversed the standard alternative-to-pop instructions of travel.

Since Kahan in fact began his recording profession making mainstream popular song, his apparent songwriting expertise made him an excellent suitable for partnerships with leading hitmakers such as Joel Little and Julia Michaels.

He had some success too. Hurt Someone was huge in Australia in 2018 (” We joked about how bothersome it was for a kid from Vermont to have his very first hit on the opposite of the world,” chuckles Simmons. “However he discovered how to take a trip, trip and go do it”). However it wasn’t up until Kahan opted for an extreme alt-folk overhaul of his noise on 2022’s Stick Season album that things actually began moving.

Ever Since, the title track has actually ended up being an international smash, gone platinum and been covered by Olivia Rodrigo and Maisie Peters; the album has actually gone Leading 10 on both sides of the Atlantic; he’s worked together with everybody from Post Malone to Zach Bryan to Kacey Musgraves; he’s offered 600,000 tickets for his North American trip; and he’s even raised $2 million for his own psychological health effort, The Busyhead Task.

Not surprising that Kahan is up for both the 2024 Finest Brand-new Artist Grammy and Pollstar’s New Headliner of the Year reward.

” It’s the dream mix of industrial success and creative regard from the neighborhood,” states Simmons. “That implies the world to Noah.”

Simmons’ own success has actually likewise been of the slowburn range. Maturing a compulsive music fan in Buffalo, New York City, he had no apparent method into the music market up until he recognized singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco ran her own Exemplary Babe operation out of the city. He blagged an internship there and after that, when at Northeastern University in Boston, he worked security, did production work and anything else that would get him into gigs totally free.

He finished to handling regional artists from his dormitory and after that took a task at Mark Kates’ Fenway Recordings management business, assisting with the similarity Doves, Objective Of Burma and The Baby cribs.

Simmons desired transfer to New york city and his buddy Steve Bursky– who ‘d likewise cut his management teeth from a university dormitory– informed him that James Brown’s management group (with whom Bursky shared a workplace) were trying to find somebody.

Simmons invested 18 months working for the Godfather of Soul up until Brown died in 2006, then signed up with Traffic signal Management on his own objective to fill the job for hardest-working male in showbiz. As Coran Capshaw developed his empire, Simmons assisted guide rockers OAR to big live success before finding, finalizing and breaking another rock band, Young The Giant.

In 2011, Simmons ended up being a partner in Bursky’s Structures Music (Brian Winton and Max Gredinger are likewise partners), a management business which likewise has shop publishing and masters operations. He continued handling Young The Giant up until 2023 and, in addition to Kahan, now takes care of COIN, Dayglow (with co-manager Ryan Langlois) and writer-producers Gabe Simon (who produced Stick Season and has actually dealt with the similarity Dua Lipa and Lana Del Rey) and PVRIS manufacturer Carrie K (with co-manager Emily Harlan).

” My mindset is that the artist needs to be satisfied. We need to attempt and discover the most gratifying course for their profession as possible.”

Structures– whose lineup likewise consists of Foy Vance, Laufey and Samia– now has 20 personnel in between its New york city and Nashville workplaces and has actually created a credibility for structure artists from the ground up.

” My mindset is that the artist needs to be satisfied,” states Simmons. “We need to attempt and discover the most gratifying course for their profession as possible. I have an interest in establishing touring artists that are around for years– and it’s actually uncommon to be able to do that over and over once again in your profession …”

Unusual it may be, however Simmons appears to be making a practice of it. Time for him to settle in his Nashville workplace, disregard the buzz of yard work outside the window and talk MBW through how he does it …


Yes, since with each action of the method, he’s grown and progressed. You alter most in between the ages of 18 and 26 and the maturity he has the ability to get from that eight-year procedure is actually what put him in the position to compose these tunes, have this point of view, comprehend what he wishes to do and align his aspiration with his music.

A great deal of artists do not get that chance; they get tossed right into the fast climb of the worldwide music market and they aren’t gotten ready for it. They do not have the live program prepared or are incapable of following it up, so it’s been the ideal 8 years of advancement for him, even if individuals are seeing it as an over night experience!


Well, I didn’t believe him shedding the pop songwriting, presenting banjos and mandolins and making a really time-specific, place-specific album about New England would be the catapult!

We have actually discussed making this album for 4 years now, so it was simply a matter of him getting to that location where it seemed like the correct time to make it. However I informed him when he was 18 years of ages, ‘You’re going to have a songwriting profession, no matter what takes place’, since he’s a talented lyricist and a natural songwriter.


It was a timeless circumstance of following the artist’s impulse. We have actually got incredible pop tunes that we have not put out, since it didn’t seem like they were considerable enough.

He has an amazing capability to interact really particularly in lyrics that put you in a location and time and the pop structure wasn’t the best online forum for that.

It was actually him resembling, ‘This is where I wish to enter my profession’ and me and his group resembling, ‘Yeah, these folk tunes are as excellent, if not better than the pop things, since it feels really genuine to you, it’s informing your own story’. It’s following the artist’s instinct, however he took place to back it up with extraordinary tunes so it was really simple to do!


I was entering the periphery of the worldwide icon company, and what a stratosphere that was to witness!

About a year and a half into that, Mr Brown died and the last thing I did was assistance prepare his memorial at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. I was the youngest individual there and it was a special experience. I simply want I might have had more time being around that level of operation.


Dealing With [songwriters and producers] is a lot more administrative. They’re composing tunes and developing IP; a lot more chance comes out of it as an outcome, however you have less control over how that’s launched to the world– you turn over the child for somebody else to raise.

” I like linking individuals to innovative chances, having the ability to put a manufacturer and an author with another terrific author or an excellent artist, get on something early, take some bets on things.”

However I like linking individuals to innovative chances, having the ability to put a manufacturer and an author with another terrific author or an excellent artist, get on something early, take some bets on things …

And handling writer-producers permits me to be part of every discussion– every label, every A&R, other supervisors. When you’re an artist supervisor, you usually remain in your artist’s world. However with writer-producers you are continuously in everybody else’s world which’s actually gratifying. Likewise, there’s no touring, really little press– handling writer-producers is a little less disorderly!


( Chuckles) Well, I absolutely believed they must interact and I ‘d had that believed for a while, however the crossroads of their professions came at a great time.

Neither of them had actually made a folk record before, so that part was dangerous! However we were currently prepared to take a threat in altering Noah’s noise, so it was more about developing an excellent environment.

We had actually attempted making Stick Season the tune with an unbelievable manufacturer in Nashville, who’s had a great deal of success, however the experience was a bit too [similar] to what Noah had actually experienced in the pop area.

Noah was looking for something more natural and natural and Gabe is an unbelievable confidante and partner; he’s sort of a therapist of a manufacturer. So, him increasing there in the middle of the woods with Noah and having a blast, tape-recording tunes without any expectation for either of them, was the ideal raw experience that the album required.


[Laughs] With an absence of sleep, additional wrinkles and great deal of work! No, we have an unbelievable group and I quite regard the truth that every artist requires an international facilities and the task of the supervisor is to be the voice for the artist however, at the very same time, quarterback and direct a group worldwide.

It needs the ‘it takes a town’ mindset of raising an artist. The hardest time the management neighborhood has actually had with this is post-pandemic, since the world unnaturally stopped and, for a service that relies traditionally on album cycles and for artists to ups and downs, it was actually difficult on supervisors, since all their artists returned, out of need, at the precise very same time.

It’s beginning to fall back into a more natural cadence however the ever-present, always-on mindset of both tune releases and social networks existence now does make it more difficult to have the ups and downs of on- and off-cycle, since your artist requires to stay appropriate and active to a specific degree, whether they’re composing and tape-recording, or touring and carrying out. That does make it a difficulty.


Press agents constantly laugh and state, ‘Artists desire whatever under the sun– up until they can get it, and after that they all state no!’

It has to do with stating ‘no’ a lot more now, being more tactical in the motions of the artist, what they’re taking part in and what that states to the artist and customer neighborhoods.

However the method does not actually alter the manager-to-artist relationship. There’s a higher volume and frequency to our interaction, the stakes are greater and the worldwide attention is higher, however the developmental method still needs budgeting, preparation, technique, calling the representatives, the trip being lined up with the label … That ideal storm mindset uses to each phase of a profession.

The good idea is, you’re not waiting on actions from e-mails for as long, you’re getting the answer on telephone call, artists are stating yes. That makes the task simpler and more enjoyable; it’s less of a sales task, it ends up being more innovative.


It’s a really distinct dynamic. I’m a coach to them, I’m pals with them, I’m adult to them in some methods … You need to be all things. You need to have the ability to associate with your artist, you need to have the ability to enjoy with them and you need to have the ability to inform them, sometimes, why you believe they’re incorrect and establish that regard with each other so they can hear that details, even if nobody else wants to state it to them!

” It’s constantly enjoyable playing the excellent police and the bad police because relationship, and it’s why management is so exceptionally complicated.”

It’s constantly enjoyable playing the excellent police and the bad police because relationship, and it’s why management is so exceptionally complicated. However having that friendly relationship is important to the daily manager-artist presence.

Ideally, they see you defend them every day which you have their back; you’re promoting their vision, even if it’s jeopardizing your own vision as a supervisor often. Then they’re most likely more ready to speak with you why you believe they’re incorrect often.

However the most fundamental part of that is acknowledging that I’m incorrect often too. I do not avoid stating, ‘I do not understand the response to this concern’ or ‘Let’s get a professional included’. You do swallow your pride a lot in this function, however there are likewise a lot of things that Noah’s doing today that have actually been advantageous to his company that I might never ever have actually thought up in any marketing conference.

He tweets humorous things sometimes and you resemble, ‘Oh man, if we ‘d have attempted to come up with that in a conference room, it would be a funny of mistakes’. Which’s what’s making him valued by his audience, since he is among them. In some cases, you simply need to let the artist be the artist.


Artists having more control over their art, their IP. Business has actually made strides towards artists having take advantage of and power; that’s an excellent outcome of the streaming age. Having circulation choices and more licensing plans moves the dial more detailed to a real collaboration.

However it uses to whatever from collection of royalties in publishing and masters, to ticketing and combating the secondary market, to offering Tee shirts … All the layers of company that enter into developing chance for an artist.

For instance, Live Country simply revealed they’re going to waive product costs in their [club] places. That is going to be a huge injection for the advancement of touring artists in clubs and little theaters. That margin is what keeps them alive.

Picture Credit: Brian Friedman/Shutterstock


Well, we are looking towards Ed [Sheeran] and Taylor [Swift] today as the motivation. That altered 8 months earlier, I began recognizing I needed to begin paying more attention to Ed and Taylor; what they do and how they do it, since that’s the next action.

We offered out 2 nights at [Boston] Fenway Park in an hour which is rather mind-blowing, very same with [New York] Madison Square Garden: 2 nights in under an hour.

The next action is arenas, however it’s got to occur in such a way that seems like the fan experience is remembered. It’s not almost going as huge as you potentially can, it has to do with going there when required. And it looks like we most likely are going there in 2025.

However the truth that songwriting in basic appears to be winning in 2023 is a truly motivating minute, and ideally an excellent indication for what’s to come in the next 5 to ten years.

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