Perk: Why drone information is so important for roofer and evaluations – Interview with John and Ryan from Department 7 Roof

We are delighted to bring this extremely unique podcast for our audiences. On today’s program we go over why drone information is important for roofer and evaluations and to discuss this subject we welcomed John and Ryan from Department 7 Roof, popular roofer and co-developers of Roof Evaluation course on our PROPS platform. On our program today we not just go over the numerous elements of the roofing assessment organization and how drone pilots and DSP can supply tremendous worth for roofer. Nevertheless we do not simply have a conversation however have John and Ryan reveal a demonstration of their tasks and how worth is included the roo assessment organization by drones! Join us as we go over the methods DSP can supply optimal worth to specialists, making use of Optelos software application in roofing evaluations and how Optelos is the very best matched software application for DSPs. We likewise go over a few of the repeating profits for drone pilots in the roofing assessment market and pay variety for drone pilots associated with flying for roofer. Extra subjects that we go over on today’s podcast consist of conversations on the use of thermal drones for evaluations, includes supplied by Optelos and how drone images can help with enhancing deliverable quality in roof assessment tasks. View Ryan as he offers a demonstration of roof assessment tasks and Optelos! Tune in Today for this amazing and details loaded podcast!! Get Your Most Significant and The Majority Of Typical Drone Certificate Questions Addressed by Downloading this FREE Part 107 PDF

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[01:03] Know our visitors for today, the group from Department 7 [02:05] Discover Department 7 specialized training for DSPs, roofer and drone pilots [03:56] What are some verticals in the roof market that supply greatest worth [05:10] Where is greatest worth observed in the roof task timeline for drone pilots [12:57] Ryan discusses making use of Optelos software application in roofing assessment tasks [15:45] What is repeating profits design for roofing assessment task for drone pilots [19:09] What is the pay variety for drone pilots in roofing assessment tasks [25:53] The conversation on relative precision vs outright precision in flying roof evaluations [32:41] Do thermal drones supply worth for roofer? [40:32] Demonstration on Multi Ortho overlap [45:20] Charging for extra operate in roof tasks and how drone images can help with preventing extra work for pilots [46:18] Extra functions supplied by Optelos [48:16] Producing task portfolio and showcasing tasks for roofer [49:50] Demonstration on digitizer and showcasing task utilizing Optelos

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