ADU 01169: How to Fly at Night Without A Waiver

Today’s program has to do with flying at night without a waiver.

Our caller for today, Bob has actually contacted with a very appropriate concern today. Bob’s concern has to do with flying at night without a waiver. With daytime waiver to fly at night all set to end up being history, exists any advantage to requesting a Wide Location Permission? Furthermore, he is likewise questioning the treatment to fly in regulated airspace near an airport that is not LAANC-enabled.

With the current modifications to Part 107, drone pilots will quickly have the ability to fly without a waiver. On today’s program, you will get some most current details and specialist ideas so that you can lawfully fly at night without a waiver.

Part 107 pilots will likewise get some terrific worth from the latter half of the program where Paul exposes how you can catch information in a no grid location even when you do not have the required approval to fly.

We likewise talk about if it is possible for pilots to get the required flight authorizations and run rewarding drone services in cities like Las Vegas and New York City. Thanks for the terrific concern, Bob. Fly Safe!

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  • [03:07] Today’s program is given you by our Mini Landing Pads and our brand new PROPS Flight School
  • [08:57] Today’s concern has to do with flying at night without a waiver
  • [10:53] How to get Wide Location Permission in LAANC-enabled airports
  • [12:09] New Part 107 Drone Guideline modifications getting rid of night-time waivers
  • [12:55] Specialist ideas to assist you get your night-time waiver authorized
  • [15:29] Managed airspace causing non-compliance and unlawful flights in Vegas
  • [18:33] Getting the required flight authorizations by constructing relationships with the ATC
  • [22:10] Can you get approval to fly in a no grid location?
  • [23:13] Hacks to lawfully catch information in a no grid location even if you do not get the required authorizations to fly
  • [24:47] Holding the FAA responsible– With airspace approvals being so challenging, what can drone pilots potentially do?


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