Why Are Submarine Cable Televisions Being Rerouted?

What has the TeleGeography group read recently?

First Off on our list: a Diplomacy piece describing why brand-new submarine cable televisions are not linking the U.S. and China.

We likewise pulled some stories that have actually been making the rounds in our Slack channels, from an extremely unique birthday to a distinct liquidation sale.

Decoupling Is Currently Taking Place– Under the Sea

This Diplomacy story describes how geopolitical stress in between China and the U.S. have actually resulted in the rerouting of submarine cable televisions. Offer it a checked out for more information about the “age of the undersea Iron Drape.”

TeleGeography Research study Director/resident cable television specialist Alan Mauldin is priced estimate in this short article, weighing in on the U.S. federal government’s rejection of China-connecting cable televisions and the possibility of future U.S. participation in cable televisions going through the South China Sea.

Asia’s web cable television tasks postponed by South China Sea stress

Nikkei Asia uses another viewpoint.

This piece– in which TeleGeography Research Study Expert Marvin Tan is priced estimate– elaborates even more on how Asia’s cable television tasks are being impacted by the existing scenario.

Gazing into the Luminiferous Ether

Today significant Ethernet’s 50th birthday.

To honor the celebration, why not find out about how the innovation got its name? (We suggest reading this post over a piece of cake.)

Shaw Thing: Canadian Merger Lastly a Done Offer

Likewise on the TeleGeography blog site: Research study Expert Pete Bell evaluates a long-running telecom legend that has actually lastly concerned an end.

We’re discussing the C$ 25 billion ($ 18.4 billion) merger in between Canadian operators Rogers Communications and Shaw Communications.

The offer– which initially reached arrangement in March 2021– integrates Rogers’ across the country mobile network with both operators’ coast-to-coast set networks. The resulting nationwide cable television, media, and mobile operating business uses fiber-powered cable television web to almost 70% of Canadian homes.

Now on sale at Bed Bath & & Beyond: One a little utilized information center

After declaring personal bankruptcy, Bed Bath & & Beyond has strategies to auction off its whole information center this summertime.

Get your wallets all set– according to this Network World short article, the information center includes “an overall of 47,500 square feet, 9,500 feet of which is raised flooring area, with the capability to double the quantity of raised flooring area and improve the overall power from 1MW to 3.5 MW.”

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