“A Poem Composed in Beeswax”: Hand-Dipped Candles by Alysia Mazzella

Alysia Mazzella informs her candle-making story in this manner:

” We started in 2017 with the hand-dipped taper. The heart of our studio is this huge ol’ pot of molten beeswax. The aroma of honey fills the air and wax touches whatever.”

6 years later on, she’s still hand-making candle lights in her little studio shed in main New york city from in your area sourced beeswax. The candle lights themselves are deliberately basic, according to Alysia’s website: “Our work artistically assesses time-honored candle lights that use a deliberate burn, the function of the firekeeper, and a regenerative relationship with the honeybee.”

Take a look.

Photography thanks to Alysia Mazzella

“beeswax candles have long been favored for sacred timekeeping and  14
Above: “Beeswax candle lights have actually long been preferred for spiritual timekeeping and a sign of the everlasting light,” according to Alysia’s website, and they use a “luminescent,” natural, air-purifying burn. Her Beeswax Tea Lights are a nod to Japanese tea events, “which utilize candlelight to warm the teapot and keep time”; $16 for a set of 12.

Above: Alysia takes a poetic method to candlemaking. Her Fortune Tapers, covered with unique hand-typed notes, are $10 each.
the twin flame candle “is a poem written in beeswax,”  17
Above: The Twin Flame Candle Light “is a poem composed in beeswax,” according to Alysia’s website; $27 for a set of 2 (though presently offered out).

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