Constructing a Steady and Rewarding Drone Mapping Company

Today’s program is an unique one as we have actually Drone U Trainer, Tom Powers showing us his distilled knowledge on drone mapping, and growing and scaling a drone service

You will find out how need for drone mapping has actually skyrocketed in current times. Particularly, we discuss a particular drone usage case within this specific niche– big property jobs in today’s program.

Tom exposes the specific workflow that he utilizes to perform big and exceptionally rewarding drone mapping jobs.

From producing development reports to marketing exceptionally successful upsell chances to selecting the ideal drone devices & & applications for developing a sustainable drone service with repeating incomes, you will find out a lot in a brief time by listening to this program.

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  • [01:53] Can you use up roofing evaluation and drone mapping tasks with the DJI Mavic 3?
  • [02:57] The increasing need for drone services for big property jobs
  • [05:55] What procedures and turning points are associated with deliverables for property jobs
  • [08:00] Applications and workflow for carrying out repeated drone objectives
  • [09:18] How to upsell your other services and increase your drone service incomes and revenues
  • [10:38] Suggested drones for mapping property jobs
  • [11:43] The length of time does it usually require to perform a regional mapping task?
  • [12:25] Tips that Tom provides pilots trying to find getting high-end real estate advancement mapping jobs

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