Chimney sweep swears by smoke detector

Chimney sweep swears by smoke detector

The district chimney sweep checks the smoke detectors every month. Safe is safe. "The smoke detectors don't cost the earth – and they have prevented many a fire in our house", groh openly admits. The chimney sweep didn't want to wait until smoke detectors were legal.

"Our son once made a milk pudding, but turned on the wrong plate at the stove – and there was a cake on it that was covered with a tea towel. The cloth was already on fire when the smoke alarm went off", tells christine groh (44). The fire was quickly extinguished – no damage other than a charred dishcloth.
Of course, the mother of four knows that smoke detectors in the kitchen are controversial. But this incident was not the only one that triggered a fire by a hair's breadth. Therefore she accepts possible false alarms. "Especially in the kitchen is important for us a smoke detector. We don't want an alarm when the ceiling is already on fire", also says stefan groh.

A feeling of security

Bad tuv certificate for german playgrounds

Bad tuv certificate for german playgrounds

This was announced by the tuv rheinland on thursday in koln. For example, in several places, the flooring on playground equipment – such as sand in front of a slide or rubber mats under climbing gear – was nearly used up, so that children could injure themselves on impact, a spokesman explained.

Several times, the scouts also found so-called traps – dangerous narrow places where children could get stuck with their heads, arms or fingers. An example of this is climbing towers, where the distance between the beams is so narrow that the small body fits through, but not the head.

"Most of these deficiencies could be remedied easily and inexpensively," said the tuv spokesman. "It’s often not a question of money, but of recognition."That’s why it’s important for municipalities to provide adequate training for the staff who are supposed to look after playgrounds. 50 randomly selected playgrounds in ten major cities were tested.

Brussel threatens hungary with heavy protection

Brussel threatens hungary with heavy protection

These were not the first proceedings. "Very concerned" she expressed about the independence of the judiciary, the restriction of election advertising in the media and the provision to involve citizens in the payment of EU subsidies against the state.

So the people were punished twice. Firstly, due to violations of EU law by their country, and secondly, they had to pay for it as well.

Reding also brought into play the sharpest weapon the union can use against undemocratic tendencies: the "nuclear bomb" of article seven of the eu treaty, which can be used to deprive a state of its right to vote if necessary ? Which would be tantamount to a de facto exclusion.

The wall is up in no time

On wednesday, a deep trench still stretched through the center of wachenroth; on thursday, the new retaining wall was already in place. Work on the redesign of the village center is progressing rapidly: "we are right on schedule", says engineer robert rub from hochstadter planning office maier.

The civil engineering company that carried out the earthworks had worked very draughtily. After completion, the wall will be the most prominent element in the center of wachenroth: at its highest point, about three meters high, it will separate the upper village square from the lower-lying staatsstrabe. According to the plans, the wall and the new route of the state road will be separated from each other only by a fifty-centimeter-wide scraper curb.

Before the project was implemented, long and controversial discussions preceded the redesign of the center of wachenroth. The wall was not the only thing that divided opinion. In the end, it was the express wish of the council that the wall be finished with a veneer of real natural stone. The request was met by a special procedure: the natural stones were already embedded in the still soft concrete during production. For the safety of the high lying village square, a lander will be placed on top of the wall.

Two youth teams of the fch are happy

Two youth teams of the fch are happy

Owner marcus schacher and his employee steffen moroskow now came to the FC home to bring the campaign to a close. In the pre-christmas period, a raffle was held, with prizes worth around 2000 euros being drawn. After making a donation, customers were allowed to take home one of the prizes. Marcus schacher and his team decided to donate the money to one of herzogenaurach’s sports clubs. For this purpose, twelve sports clubs were contacted and invited to participate on the facebook page of the haarstube. Four clubs took part in this rally and could be chosen by their fans and the barbershop customers.

The 1. FCH won this rally with the most "likes"." Youth director sebastian gunnel agreed with the coaches of the youth teams that the donation of 740 euros should benefit two youth teams and be divided between the coarse and small field.

"We are pleased that someone is interested in the needs of the youth teams, because there are a lot of wishes," said, said klaus bauer of the 1.FC herzogenaurach, when he thanked marcus schacher.
Paul finally drew the two winners, namely the E1 youth and the C1 youth, under the supervision of the two coaches for rough and small field, sebastian gunnel and frank rosner. In advance there were two puma bags and the two youth teams were now allowed a "wish list" write. Marcus schacher from haarstube will go on a shopping spree at puma and fill the bags.

Stabilization aid: the money is not given away

Stabilization aid: the money is not given away

"The town hall must pay", was the headline of our sister newspaper "bayerische rundschau" on friday. In order to receive the urgently needed stabilization aid of 200,000 euros from the free state for 2018, the town council had to decide on an increase in property and trade taxes of at least ten points above the state average in each case. From "blackmail there was then talk in the city council of a serious encroachment on municipal financial sovereignty. How is this incident judged in the kronach district??

Stadtsteinach town hall has to ask the citizens to pay for it

The statement of the bavarian ministry of finance in response to a question from the frankischer tag is unambiguous: "no, there is no case in the district of kronach comparable to that in stadtsteinach." Mdl jurgen baumgartner (CSU), however, believes that the situation in stadtsteinach is not a unique case. "Any stabilization aid is subject to conditions", is his assessment. In the franconian forest, such requirements have been common practice since this state support was introduced (2013). "The communities had to make deep cuts in our area as well", the delegate looks back into the past.

Discount on eeg levy: more electricity volumes applied for

discount on eeg levy: more electricity volumes applied for

Companies with large electricity needs have applied for a discount on the cost of electricity levy for the coming year for significantly more electricity volumes. This is the result of the answer of the federal ministry of economics to a question of the green parliamentary group in the bundestag, which is available to the dpa.

Accordingly, by the reporting date of 30. June a total of 2209 companies applied for a partial exemption from the EEG levy. The amount of electricity requested was 119 terawatt hours. 2017, this figure was 107.4 terawatt hours at the comparable reporting date, with applications from 2252 companies.

Experience has shown, however, that there could still be major changes as a result of the examination in the course of the administrative procedure, according to the ministry. Moreover, the result is that it is not the amount of electricity applied for that is granted, but the amount of electricity actually consumed by the beneficiary companies in the year in question – in this case 2019.

Peggy case: application for reopening is ready

peggy case: application for reopening is ready

Gudrun rodel, spokeswoman for the "justice for ulvi" initiative, believes there was a miscarriage of justice in the verdict handed down by the regional court in hofen in 2004. New evidence has proven this. The munchberger now said ulvi's public defender, frankfurt attorney michael euler, has completed the motion for rehearing. This application will be submitted to the bayreuth district court by the end of the month.

There, the judges must then examine whether the application contains possible new evidence, which in turn paves the way for a new main hearing. In 2005, the federal court of justice had overturned the verdict of guilt of the regional court of hof against ulvi K. Confirmed.

Euler has been sifting through witness statements and expert reports for more than two years. His verdict on the investigative work of the police and the public prosecutor's office is scathing: "clearly, an innocent man is sitting here for an act that he could not have committed." Material exculpatory witnesses for ulvi K., those who claim to have seen peggy alive after the alleged time of the crime were not heard from. Just one of the glitches euler lists. And in addition: there is no body.

Laumann (cdu): do not leave rental prices to the market

Laumann (cdu): do not leave rental prices to the market

"It can’t be that there are conurbations in germany where people, if they have families, can no longer afford housing," the head of the CDU parliamentary group in north rhine-westphalia told the deutsche presse-agentur (dpa) in berlin.

Every metropolis needs nurses and craftsmen. These normal wage earners also had to have the option of living where they work. "This must be regulated. You can’t say it’s just the market that’s doing it now," said laumann, who is also the national chairman of the christian democratic employees’ association (CDA).

German chancellor angela merkel (CDU) had recently – like the SPD long before – introduced a rent brake into the election campaign debate. CDU and CSU are the last of all parties to adopt their election programs on 23 march. And 24. June.

Refugee accommodation may remain for a long time

Refugee accommodation may remain for a long time

Information changes daily, but a concrete statement is apparently not yet available. At least that was the case until the meeting of the district committee on friday. This is what district administrator alexander tritthart (CSU) said about the initial reception facility for refugees in the herzogenaurach vocational school gymnasium. It is therefore uncertain whether the most recent district council resolution on the subject can be upheld. This was that the emergency shelter could only be used until the 15th of the year. Marz, as originally planned, because the school needs the hall again.

Two days later, according to tritthart, the government president called him. "It's not a good sign when your number shows up on the display", said the head of the district. This usually does not mean anything good. This time it was announced that the winter emergency plan would apply in the district in the future. This in turn means that the counties and municipalities have to create new offers for accommodation. Tritthart now wants to find out to what extent this also applies to erlangen-hochstadt. And to clarify whether there is still a need for the initial reception facility. Until yesterday there was no statement.

In any case, it has not yet been clarified whether the accommodation in the sports hall of the vocational school will actually be available on 15 september. Marz can be resolved. The contracts end on this day, also for the security service and the supervision.

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