In the district of forchheim 40 years ago: communities disappear, associations emerge

To the 1. In may 1978, something very lasting happened in the district of forchheim: the number of municipalities was effectively halved in the course of a territorial reform, from 61 to 29. The political goal was to professionalize the work in the town halls. Two communities ceased to exist in egloffstein, but two new associations took their place: the affalterthal guardianship association and the affalterthal local history association.

The people of affalterthal know how to celebrate, as they have been proving for decades with the former brunnleitenfest and today’s eichertreffen (tractor friends). The end of their community’s independence was also a cause for celebration. In brunnleitental, a marquee was erected and "celebrities" were invited invited and distributed certificates and gifts to the former municipal councils, while the village youth and the burghers were happy about free sausages and a mab of free beer.

A village within a village

It was another feat of strength for the small community of affalterthal in the run-up to incorporation. Since it was not known whether majorities could be found in the new municipal council for the desired construction projects in and around the village, the then mayor hans deuerlein quickly had two new water reservoirs and three farm roads built, which "opened up 107 hectares of usable land, deuerlein said at the time. In addition, the brunnleitental valley was developed at a cost of one million deutschmarks – today a village within a village – and the drinking water supply was expanded.

Abitur under corona conditions: this is how it went at kronach high schools

Abitur under corona conditions: this is how it went at kronach high schools

By corona is simply everything different, even the conclusion of a school career. Now that a new stage of life is approaching, many young people have to live with conditions that no one would have wished for. Kronach's high school graduates sat through three days of written exams, but not in the way they might have imagined a few months ago. And as if that wasn't enough, everyone was now given substitute tasks in german on wednesday. The theft of school-leaving examination papers from a bamberg grammar school led to this.

At frankenwaldgymnasium, 42 high school graduates sat in the gymnasiums, which are now permanently seated and thoroughly disinfected. Disinfectant dispensers as far as the eye could see, disposable gloves, protective masks, minimum distances. However, many have already got used to this sight. "It helped that we had already held the training session for the test in the hall. This gave the students a chance to get used to the look and feel of the place. It was a haunting experience, but it also had a calming effect", says principal harald weichert. That's why there were no major surprises or insecurities.

"We were already hard to the limit in terms of personnel." Renate leive, principal of kronach's kaspar-zeub high school, struggled with the same challenges as her colleague. She and her team also had to create the conditions for the baccalaureate to be held at all. "We distributed the students in our rooms, which we had cleared beforehand. Then we placed single tables, which were not allowed to be moved. The teachers were protected by a spit shield." Also here, as in the years before, aids such as dictionaries were at hand. "But they had to be thoroughly disinfected and you were only allowed to use them with disposable gloves."

Dancing at a high level

Dancing at a high level

The school performance of the habfurt dance and ballet school "on point" took place in front of a sold-out audience in the habfurt town hall. 300 participants showed in over 30 dances with always new, impressive costumes their long tested skills, whereby the program varied on both days of the performance, so that really all students from "on point" had their performance.

From the smallest "robbers through the various lower and upper levels up to the performance classes, beginners, advanced and almost professional dancers of all dance styles from ballet, hiphop to breakdance were on stage with a lot of joy and commitment and enchanted the audience, as the ballet school announced. Among them were many proud parents and siblings, who rewarded the performers with much applause.

"It is overwhelming to see how the smallest dancers up to the highest performance classes rehearse every year for wonderful new professional dances and then also present them with full pride on the stage", stephan schneider, the third mayor of habfurt, praised the performers. Special praise went to uta moller-reub, chairwoman of the dance school "on point, which has now existed for 38 years in habfurt. She emphasized that it is a special feature that so many dancers in different dance styles present themselves at an exceptionally high level in the performances every year.

A lot of work for the party

A lot of work for the party

Much displeasure circulated during the past sessions of the Q12 of the meranier grammar school in lichtenfels. There were allegedly brawls and damage to property, especially near the stadthalle. That should be the end of it. New organizer of the quarterly parties is the following year Q11. They have to deal with a lot of prejudices and prejudices. That's why they addressed the french day. They want to show that they not only have the will but also the power to bring about change. "We don't want the residents to be upset all the time", says sebastian. Stricter controls are planned. "It was often the case that too drunk, under 18 year olds came onto the session land", says johanna "this will not happen now."

Stricter controls

But how can we imagine these stricter controls that are supposed to bring about such a positive change?? "The smokers' entrance used to be unsafe. Now you can't get in without being checked", says johanna "random checks with alcohol tests will also be carried out at the entrance". In addition to the random checks, the cars parked on the land will also be searched more closely than was previously the case. "Up to now the cars were only looked at superficially, now they should really be examined", explains max. Many good approaches, but how can we make things work that have gone wrong for so long?? This question was also asked by the representatives of the Q11 and they thought about solutions. One of the approaches was to hire a new and more reliable security company. "First and foremost, we have to rely on our security forces. They do the controls and check the people", explains johanna. "The new company also has the necessary experience, as they regularly work at many other events", adds to them. The existing experience of the emergency forces should also prevent people who are already heavily intoxicated from entering the event area. "We don't want to spoil anyone's fun, but it is simply necessary that certain limits are observed."
"As a normal visitor, you probably don't really notice any of this. But the new features should also be noticed by the residents," says johanna, says sebastian.
It is difficult, however, if there are potential problems outside the city hall area. "The urban areas outside the venue are simply not controllable", max states regretfully.
"It's just a pity", johanna adds "there are over 2000 people and a tiny fraction of them misbehave so that everyone has to suffer from it. It would be really already, if these people rub themselves at the belt."

Bad kissingen: lessons behind plexiglass and yellow lines

Bad kissingen: lessons behind plexiglass and yellow lines

It is 7.45 o’clock. For many vocational school students it is the first day of school in weeks. For the future painters, office clerks, carpenters, automotive mechatronics technicians and wood turners, these are very strenuous days. Schools have to study for final exams, and everyday teaching has become burdensome. And then some students are tormented by a worry that didn’t exist before: "I’m afraid of catching the disease, says daniel gerold, a student in a final automotive class.

Classes start at different times so that not too many people enter the school building at the same time. At the entrance, janitors werner schmitt and jurgen tremer are standing with disinfectant. Students enter the school building one at a time. Every school hand is disinfected.

Markings on the floor

Yellow dots are stuck on the floor in the school’s entrance area. The schoolchildren are instructed to stand on them. "The yellow dots make it clear how far a meter and a half is", says principal karin maywald. In addition, arrows on the floor show the prescribed direction of travel in the corridors, so that students do not accidentally run into each other.

Mountain bikers learn from the world champion

Over a period of several years, the children and young people from the mountain bike team built "black mountains from geroda to the trails around the rappershausen school camp. First, the schoolchildren who visited the school camp in lower franconia, which specializes in mountain biking, rolled across the trails. Then came the participants of the regional bikepool competitions in lower franconia, then those of the bavarian championships and then in 2017 the riders of the first german championship. As a thank you for these years of help there was now from the "action bicycle" a riding technique training with multiple trial world champion marco hosel.
Around 20 young mountain bikers aged between ten and 18 traveled to hormersdorf in the saxon erzgebirge mountains for a weekend. After an extended MTB day tour to annaberg-buchholz in saxony and the "frohnauer hammer", a technical monument, and a visit to the bike park klinovec, the third day was devoted to training in riding techniques with marco. Divided into two groups, the bavarian mountain bikers learned some basics such as correct braking or the optimal cornering technique as well as more demanding techniques such as the wheele. The older ones asked marco to show them the technique of bunny-hop.
The world champion took more than two hours for each group. And after more than two hours of technical training, some of the participants could see the exertion in the high summer temperatures. Everyone enjoyed it, even if the new techniques were not yet complete and perfect. But even marko had to practice for more than two and a half hours to become a world champion.
What remains is a unique bike weekend for 20 young mountain bikers, who will certainly lend a hand again this year when it comes to preparing the trails and paths around the rappershausen school camp for the bavarian and german school championships.

Volkamer sees “room for improvement in terms of time”

Markt einersheim’s mayor herbert volkamer is a man who likes to call a spade a spade. This was also his position at the site meeting of the construction committee at the terrassenbad construction site. "The handicraft companies already have room to move in terms of time," he said, addressing those responsible for the kulmbach planning company plafog. The head of the town thus indicated that he would keep a close eye on the construction schedule.

The purpose of the site meeting was to update the councillors on the current state of affairs and to show the progress of the construction work. That something has been done is especially evident at the swimming pool, where the stainless steel walls are finished and the support for the pool floor is currently being lined with concrete. While work on the pool is on schedule, there has been a hitch with the children’s pool. The contractor is now installing a completely new element there to resolve the complaints.

Work stalled

Also the work for the processing of the pipes for the water technology stagnates for quite some time, why the mayor will send a letter off to remind with the company the delay. The company that will export the equipment can already start on the south side of the swimming pool, which the mayor is waiting for. Because according to the people in charge of plafog, the trial operation of the swimming pool planned for the middle of may can be adhered to.

Mayor martin rauscher soon ends his sabbatical

The interesting news came at the end of the public council meeting on monday: mayor martin rauscher (upwg) will resume his office as mayor next week.

"The snout full"

He had fetched well, said the 2. Mayor marita pollex-claus (CSU) on the sidelines of the meeting. As reported, rauscher had left the current meeting in may completely unexpectedly. This had been preceded by a defeat in a vote. That had brought the barrel to overflow according to his words. Rauscher had then said in a very calm tone that he was fed up and was going on vacation for four weeks.

It was unclear, however, whether he would actually take a vacation or perhaps even throw in the towel prematurely. Since the beginning of his term of office, rauscher has often been alone with his proposals; above all, he lacks support within his own parliamentary group. The municipal council, above all the CSU faction, often criticized rauscher’s rather creative and idiosyncratic way of working. Therefore, it was speculated that the mayor may give up altogether and leave office early. According to the latest information from the municipal council, however, this will not be the case. Rauscher had merely needed time off, also because of the double burden as farmer and burgermeister, was heard on the sidelines.

Sparda-bank coburg experiences boom in construction financing

Sparda-bank coburg experiences boom in construction financing

Sparda-bank in coburg achieved a good result in 2018. Markus lehnemann, member of the board of sparda-bank nurnberg, was able to state this at the balance sheet press conference for the past business year now.

Construction financing continues to dominate demand for private loans – and the cooperative bank once again achieved a strong result in this area: the volume of new loans granted totaled 9.9 million euros by the end of 2018, 11 percent more than in 2017 (8.9 million euros). Markus lehnemann is satisfied: "thanks to the low interest rate phase, it is still attractive to fulfill the dream of owning your own property. Many customers made use of this option last year." Private loans remained at the same level as 2017 at 1.4 million euros. At 90.2 million euros, the total loan portfolio was slightly below the previous year’s figure. In the words of the sparda bank board member, "a generation is growing up that doesn’t even know what interest is anymore. For a decade, interest on credit balances has been zero. According to markus lehnemann, this will hardly change in the coming years. Young people are also saving less and less or making their own provisions for old age.

318 coburg residents opened a checking account at sparda-bank in mohrenstrabe in 2018 – the branch pays out a total of 8015 checking accounts. In the highly competitive deposit sector, sparda-bank in coburg increased customer deposits by 5.7 percent to 115.1 million euro. In 2017, this figure was 109.0 million euros.

Hits on a summer evening

Hits on a summer evening

More than 250 students from the armin knab high school gave the audience in the packed auditorium an unforgettable evening at the summer concert, according to a press release. The 5th grade brass band kicked things off with hits from the movies and the radio. It’s always impressive what the "youngest", together with their director manfred rappert, bring to the stage after just one year at school. The choir of the lower school continued with a lively performance. With songs like "applaus, applaus" or "perfect" by ed sheeran, the audience loved to join in. The students of the orchestra showed impressive skills on their instruments. Together with their music teachers, they played pieces by antonio vivaldi and luigi boccherini. With the fine, velvety sound of her clarinet, high school graduate paulina bank was able to set a contemplative calming point after the break. Then she cleared the stage for the grand finale with upper and middle school choirs, nearly all sixth graders and almost 100 fifth grade students. At this point, too, some members of the audience could hardly stop themselves from belting out classics like "every breath you take" or current hits like "havana" by the pentatonix. The overall direction of the concert had burkard fries. Photo: AKG

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