True Wireless headphones are super cheap and sell everywhere

The e-commerce sites that sell True Wireless headphones cost only a few tens of thousands of VND with "high quality" ads, but in reality they are very bad.

True Wireless headphones with a price of only a few tens of thousands of recently sold at many phone stores, accessories, as well as street vendors. The topic of this type of headset on electronic sales groups, e-commerce sites, classifieds ... was also crowded.

An AirPods clones headset costs from 50,000 VND.
A sample of "AirPods" clones that are advertised as noise-canceling can cost from VND 50,000.

Most cheap True Wireless headphones are poorly packaged, mostly recycled paper boxes or thin plastic, with Chinese or English words. Inside is a headset and a short charger cord.

These headphones can be divided into two categories: AirPods "clones" - similar in appearance to Apple products but poor in perfection. Some models have an additional LED screen that displays the battery level outside the box, colorful. The second type is similar to Samsung Galaxy Buds or Sennheiser Momentum TW. They are named as symbols like A6s, AMOI F9 or D76. Some also "follow" famous brands such as Sony, Xiaomi ...

Although the price is less than 100,000 VND, these headphones are introduced with many features, such as touch touch to control, automatically disconnect if not in use, even active noise cancellation. But when tested, the product is difficult to connect, the big sound on the small side and there is lag, jarring when increasing the sound and no noise as advertised. Some models have touch, but the control is difficult, insensitive and large latency. In addition, these devices when wearing long quite painful ear.

A sample of "imitation" Sony headphones is called D76.

A person who used to trade mobile accessories in Ho Chi Minh City revealed that these types of headphones are mass produced in China, components are floating and often do not go through quality control. After that, they are offered in boxes with a wholesale price of only 15,000 to 30,000 VND each and are imported in small quantities, distributed to small shops or sold online.

According to Vu Hung, a longtime headphone trader, these True Wireless models are easily accessible to mainstream consumers because of their low price. Buyers mostly just "hear", do not need high sound quality and do not want to invest a lot of money.

Mr. Hung said that consumers should not be greedy but buy these products. "In addition to poor sound quality, you may encounter many connection troubles." The error may be the device cannot be connected, the connection is slow, the connection is disconnected, etc., inhibiting the user. This product is not tested by the relevant authorities when shipped, so it is easy to burn, and there is a risk of explosion if the battery is not of good quality.

True Wireless compact wireless headsets began to appear in Vietnam in 2017, after Apple launched AirPods. Up to now, the market has a lot of famous brands such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo and big audio brands such as Sennheiser, B&O, JBL, Klipsch ... However, branded products are priced no less than two. million dong.

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