The organizer is threatened with prosecution

The organizer is threatened with prosecution

Ruckert is prompted to do this by a letter from konrad thomas, who considers the recreational soccer tournament "a discredit to the sport of soccer" designates. In the letter, ruckert is expressly called upon to "investigate the extent to which the law on the protection of minors and safety regulations have been violated in a negligent manner".
The 24-hour soccer tournament called "budenzauber 2012" has been causing discussions since tuesday. On this day, the tageblatt reported that there had been some damage to the HUK-coburg arena in the course of the tournament. The reactions on various facebook pages on the internet do not love to wait for themselves. Organizer heiko bayerlieb sees his reputation damaged, as can be seen from his statements on the internet. Above all, the discussion quickly turned to the question of whether the event had more of a sporting or party character.
It is also clear to jurgen ruckert that recreational sports tournaments also have something to do with partying. However, he and his father, peter, who is the district chairman of the bavarian sports association (BLSV), demanded that the rules be observed. "Why did his security service not work?" Peter ruckert asks in view of the accusation that there were only two security guards on view and that the athletes went on a pilgrimage with indoor shoes to the fast food restaurant opposite the hall as well as to the drinks market on the neighboring property. This is how konrad thomas describes it in his letter.

The city, which awards the hall, had to know what it was getting into? The tournament had already been booked for months. One had talked with the organizer in the apron, says city speaker michael selzer. The have the "budenzauber" namely as a "party on four areas or so similar" want to apply. The city intervened. The regulations for the use of the HUK-coburg-arena allow events with a primarily sporting character. Accordingly, the conditions had been imposed: serving high-proof alcoholic beverages was not allowed.
The city is said to have been "buzzed" by the no material damage was caused either, selzer emphasizes: the organizer is liable for the damage to the lamps and walls. And: "we have learned."

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