How to use Webinar in business | Webinar Story 2019

With today's ever-evolving digital technology, connecting online, directly from anywhere in the world, at any given time has become a familiar method of communication. Webinar is one of such methods, in addition, webinar also has features that support the purposes of education, discussion, sales ... extremely effective, bringing many practical benefits. So what exactly is Webinar and how are people using it?. Now we know the webinar preliminary. Discuss the differences that they are used in business. Below is a common list of frequently used points on the webinar.

What are the benefits of using Webinar?
Experts often use webinar to provide useful information related to their business or organization, and connect with the audience in a closer, more friendly way. Many webinar designers in the form of lectures or seminars with the purpose of explaining in detail for viewers a specific content. Some use Webinar to sell their own products and services.

In addition to teaching and selling purposes, webinars are a useful tool for conducting live interviews with experts, which often helps to attract a larger audience. The live chat feature is attractive to those who need to connect and interact in real time.

Simply put, if you want to learn about a topic that you are particularly interested in, webinar will help you expand your knowledge in the best way when allowing learning and direct exchange with experts. If you're an expert, organizing a webinar can be a great way to connect with your audience.

1. Use Webinar as a marketing and sales tool
In most cases, webinar is used as part of a business or brand marketing strategy. Webinar is not exclusively for large companies and corporations. They can be successfully used for small businesses, private businesses and startups. In this case, requesting a webinar subscription allows you to grow your email list and mention your products and services at the end to create interest and participation, as well as follow them later.

2. Free content as a tactic
A problem that often appears at the end of the webinar is usually the sales section. It's not uncommon for business owners to run an "unusual" webinar to create their email list. In this case, all the participants requested was to register the webniar with their email address.

An alternative to this is to use a social networking platform like YouTube Live, Instagram Live or Facebook Live to own a free webinar and encourage participants to join you on these platforms so they don't give up. miss it.

The main purpose for this type of webinar is to build your expertise and build relationships with your audience by providing values ​​instead of focusing on sales.

Once you connect with them on social media, you can continue to join and turn them into email subscribers so you can foster even more relationships.

3. Direct questions and answers
Another way to use webinar is to run a Q&A directly to answer audience questions about your product or service. This type of webinar works well with products it owns, whether it's digital or physical. You can not only answer questions about your product, but also display products or interact.

You can use this type of webinar to convert your customers from trial to pay and high retention rates. You can also use this type of webinar to cross-sell other products and services, introducing the next step to attendees.

The Q&A section is quite effective for independent authors, filmmakers or musicians to connect with the audience in a great way, and also get direct feedback for your creativity.

After your audience feels involved in the final part, they not only buy it, but affect their friends and family.

4. Direct training
If you already have a remote team, webinar is a great way to train them on new software, guide them through standard operating procedures in your company, update them with the latest changes. and more.

Due to the fact that webinars can be recorded, you do not need to worry about group members being absent, you can simply send a webinar recording to them.

5. Interactive interviews
You can also use webinar to conduct live interviews, interact with participants. You can give your customers more value by bringing in an expert and exposing your audience when they sign up for webinar.

6. Training and coaching inpatients
If you have a software company, you can greatly benefit from using webinar to organize and train your customers. This way may be direct or pre-written but it allows you to eliminate the confusion and frustration encountered from learning new software, then increasing your consumption rate.

Webinar makes it easier to learn a new software and adapt it. In return, once your customers know how to use it, they are inclined to open new support tickets as well as possible.

Webinar is defined as a web-based online video conference and uses the internet to connect people (or many people) who own or make that webinar with audiences everywhere in the world. Webinar owners can present themselves, switch to screen projection mode and even invite guests to join the webinar at different locations.

The webinar / online meeting platform also provides interactive features, so viewers can ask questions and chat online with webinar hosts (who host or implement the webinar). Many webinars also build Q&A section at the end of the program to answer viewer questions about the content presented.

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