POWEREDGE R740XD2 - New generation server for Business

As the "elder" following the Dell PowerEdge R740 series, PowerEdge R740xd, PowerEdge R740xd2 - the "extended" version of the server line for businesses with many advantages and valuable upgrades - ideal for management needs. Professional work system!

Ability to upgrade and store "crisis"

PowerEdge R740xd2 is a 2U server with 26 x 3.5 ”LFF hard drives. If the PowerEdge R740xd is focused on developing from high-performance R740, with 2.5 ″ SFF fast storage trays and NVMe support, then the PowerEdge R740xd2 gets a better upgrade when replaced with a 3.5-inch hard drive. . This change is more suitable for many drives in the 2U chassis. The memory system of PowerEdge R740xd2 is scaled up to 26 3.5 "(364TB) drives and is scalable up to 520 3.5" (7.2PB) drives in the 42U price. This upgrade helps businesses to invest in powerful server systems and ensure stable job performance.

Figure 1: To access the internal trays, you simply flip the locking levers on each side of the tray and pull it forward.

Dual CPUs for powerful performance - smooth operation

PowerEdge R740xd2 is equipped with dual Intel® Xeon® Scalable, supporting up to 44 CPU cores, each with 16x RAM slots, and comes with 512GB RAM. With 16 memory DIMMS, PowerEdge R740xd2 allows businesses to expand with up to 5 PCIe slots and choose the most appropriate network interface technology and speed. And of course, this server also makes sure your data is always safe and available.

Figure 2: The cooling of the server system is handled by six fan modules spread in a row behind the internal drive tray.

Simple management, smart security

One of the PowerEdge R740xd2 server upgrades compared to previous models is the ability to enhance the server's performance with data protection features that restore the network.

This server is equipped with an OpenManage Enterprise solution with a powerful RESTful API standard that provides tools to automate deployment, updates, monitoring and maintenance. Specifically, OpenManage Enterprise has an easy server lifecycle management function from deployment to liquidation. With iDRAC9 technology - Dell's integrated Remote Access Controller), contributing to a four-fold performance improvement in the user interface and a 30% reduction in iDRAC set-up time with the di management function ActiveSync 22. The speed of handling PowerEdge server-related problems is also up to 90% faster through the use of ProSupport Plus and SupportAssist technologies.

Figure 3: Locking the system and deleting the system are also two features that help this 14th generation PowerEdge server to have a "backup plan" to protect data safely.

In addition, this server is also built a solid security "wall" with reliable booting to encrypt to ensure comprehensive security for the server and security for the data center through the public. Intel Boot Guard protection technology, automatic BIOS recovery with OpenManage Enterprise solution.

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