"old server" dell r640: answer for business accounting problems for enterprises

As a "big" in the field of technology, Dell always holds a leading position in the server server manufacturing industry. As a 1U rack server, you can easily upgrade and store data via 2-socket platform and especially, this product has won many prestigious awards - owning Dell R640, which means that you and The business owns a machine with "superhuman ability" to handle huge workload.

2 sockets - 1U: peak power from the server

The advantage of 1U rack server series over other server series is that the user's data center will always be ready to handle any job. Highly scalable and well-balanced rack servers optimize computing and memory to maximize machine performance - perfect for businesses that need to design server systems for need to handle continuous work or store large data.

Dell R640 is equipped with 2 Intel Silver 4110 processors with up to 28 cores per processor. Dell R640 has DIMM slots for up to 2x16GB of RDIMM 2666MTs RAM. This product also has two AC (or DC) backup power sources.

Figure 1: Dell R640 2 socket - 1U

This Dell rack server also supports up to 8 2.5-inch NVMe hard drives for the fastest search performance possible. With outstanding configuration, strong performance, Dell R640 also helps to save power up to 20% compared to its predecessors.

Special design: simple, smart and easy to upgrade

All Dell R640 cables are neatly designed inside the chassis for easy access to key components. Thanks to its extremely compact design but still fully equipped with connectivity and especially the ability to upgrade easily, Dell R640 has ever won many valuable awards, including the "Special Design" award. from IF 2018 and won the "Industry Standard Server" award announced from CRN 2017.

The product has won many design awards

The control panel of this server is located on the left side of the front - a place to monitor activity and system ID, status LED and iDRAC Quick Sync 2 (wireless) indicator. The status LED shows any defective hardware, while the optional Wireless Quick Sync 2 indicates the operation of the system supporting Quick Sync (a feature that allows administrators to manage the system through the device). mobile).

Smart management - secure security

Dell R640 is capable of self-diagnostics, intelligent management and automated processing to increase productivity by up to 90%, so users can fully "rely on" the technology, taking less time for machine maintenance.

R640 has built-in management consoles for operating systems such as VMware® vSphere® - transforming data centers into simple cloud infrastructures; Microsoft® System Center - provides centralized management of problems and easy access or Nagios® - a powerful monitoring system that allows identifying and resolving IT infrastructure issues before they affecting business processes and important systems of the machine.

In addition to modern technology operating systems, the Dell R640 server also provides a comprehensive architecture against cyberspace with security embedded into every server to protect user data, protect server and software configuration from malicious changes.

In addition, the new IDRAC9 of this Dell server series is a remote management application with an intelligent HTML5 web interface that provides a wealth of server performance information. The control panel display provides a quick overview of the system plus quick access to logs and a virtual remote control panel.

With tremendous power, smart design and extremely high security, the R640 server will definitely become a "solution" to the business management problem of the business.

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