iOS 13.5 has built-in trace tool

iOS 13.5 beta 4 is the first version to integrate an API to support application development to track down people infected with Covid-19.

This API is found in Settings> Privacy> Health> Covid-19 Exposure Notifications of iOS 13.5. The tracing toolkit helps health professionals and governments notify users if they have had close contact with someone who recently tested positive for the virus within the previous 14 days. These data are shared randomly and anonymously.

API helps developers build traceability applications that work on iOS. Photo: 9to5mac.

Many countries are developing and deploying their own tracking application. However, on May 5, Cedric O, French Minister of Digital Affairs, criticized Apple for not providing support in making the country's StopCovid app compatible with the iPhone.

Trace application uses Bluetooth connectivity to measure distances between devices in close range. However, Apple does not allow Bluetooth to run in the background continuously if data is transmitted from the device, in order to protect user privacy. France, meanwhile, wants data collected via a tracking application to be sent to an intermediary server - in violation of Apple's terms. France wants Apple to change the settings so that StopCovid is compatible with the iPhone, but Apple disagrees. Not to mention, Bluetooth running in the background will consume the phone battery.

In France, iOS currently holds a 21.1% market share in the first quarter of 2020 while Android accounts for 78.8% according to Kantar's figures. The UK, which also uses an intermediate server solution to store data like France, will begin testing its traceability application this week.

In addition to the API for tracking apps, iOS 13.5 also improves Face ID so that users can quickly unlock the device when wearing a mask. After downloading the operating system update, the iPhone will automatically switch to the password input interface if you see the user wearing a mask, instead of spending time scanning the face to unlock.

iOS 13.5 beta 4 supports iPhone SE and iPhone SE 2020 devices and from iPhone 6s and later.

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