IBM Storwize hosting solution

IBM is a leading technology company with IT infrastructure solutions and services. In addition to the POWER server line, which is known for its durability, high performance, storage is also a strength of the company with disk cabinets, magnetic tape readers and storage software. Storwize is one of the mainstream IBM product lines designed for many types of businesses. The development of the Storwize family of products based on the IBM Spectrum Virtualize software platform gives customers the flexible choice of storage needs. Storwize is an integrated software and hardware solution to meet the rapidly growing data storage needs through storage products with flexible and scalable management capabilities.

Sharing a Spectrum Virtualize platform, sharing technologies and management features ensures the Storwize product line is the perfect choice for current storage needs as well as future readiness for business development. Karma.

The main products

Small storage system - IBM Storwize V5000: reasonable price, easy to use, effective for the needs of infrastructure consolidation of small and medium enterprises (SMB) with outstanding capabilities compared to systems different in the same segment. There are many suitable models such as v5010, v5020, v5030 and All-flash v5030F.

Mid-range and high-end storage system - IBM Storwize V7000: A highly scalable mid-range storage system, designed to consolidate multiple workloads into a single system for simplified management, reduced Cost, good performance and high availability (HA). The ability to store up to PB rows. There are many suitable models such as v7000 and All-flash v7000F.

Storwize V7000 Unified is a unified storage solution that allows block and file data. The system includes the File module and the V7000 device. The File module supports IP-based protocols like CIFS, NFS, FTP, SCP and HTTPS.

V7000 Unified Architecture

The FlashSystem 9100 is a storage device that combines a Flash drive with super-fast NVMe memory and the proprietary IBM FlashCore technology on the Spectrum Virtualize platform that has brought magical power to the storage device with 1.8PB RAW storage capability, provides up to 10,000,000 IOPS and 136GB / s bandwidth. The FlashSystem 9100 is well suited for ultra-low latency application requirements in the era of data driven x.

Spectrum Virtualize and SAN Volume Controller (SVC) are a set of virtualization infrastructure solutions available, supporting a variety of storage devices from different brands. The solution allows managing, allocating and migrating data between storage devices, reducing operating costs.

Spectrum Virtualize is implemented as software running on x86 server. SAN Volume Controller (SVC) is a solution combining hardware (appliance) and software.

IBM Storwize meets all storage needs

The data growth that needs to be stored as the enterprise grows and the technological change has brought about a difficult cost and management problem. The need to change technology to transform businesses often contradicts the pressure to control costs and increase efficiency. Balancing storage capacity and the performance of the appropriate storage platform is also a difficult choice for IT leaders.

The IBM Storwize product line meets the need to harmonize data storage and growth with reducing budgets and resources. The solution allows for a 50% reduction in storage costs, a 47% reduction in administrative costs, and a 3-fold increase in performance with the use of a 5% SSD capacity.

IBM Storwize is built on an advanced technology platform

Intuitive administration interface, streamlined function classes, and built-in instructional features help reduce the time a storage administrator gets to know and operate the system.

IBM Easy Tier Technology helps optimize performance through the deployment of solid-state storage (SSD) drives. The thin provisioning feature allows you to save storage space while maintaining system performance. Real-time Compression helps to store more data on less disk space. The ability to create copies of data at a second location with the Remote mirroring feature is used to recover when a data center failure occurs.

Currently IBM Power Systems and Storage server products are provided by ADG distribution nationwide.

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