Garmin suffered ransomware attack

The Garmin Connect sync software will stop working for at least 2 days after the Garmin server is said to be ransomware.

The Garmin website informs you to stop working.

According to Zdnet, Garmin has shut down many services since July 23 in response to a cyberattack that makes intranet data and some production systems illegally encrypted. The company has now shut down its official website, discontinued its Garmin Connect watch data synchronization service, aviation database service and even some production lines in Asia.

In its official Twitter announcements, Garmin said its support center was also affected so it was unable to answer calls, emails or chat directly with users. In addition to watch-related services, Garmin today said the company's web services support line, flyGarmin, has stopped working.

Zdnet said when the incident started yesterday, many Garmin employees shared on social media that the company had been attacked by ransomware. However, its official spokesman declined to confirm. A leaked document shows Garmin IT staff sent a notice to a factory in Taiwan saying maintenance would take place for two days, July 24 and 25.

The Garmin connection software also stops working for at least two days.

Hackernews says that in the context of cyber security, only a ransomware attack can be so powerful, paralyzing many of these Garmin services. Some inside information also suggested that the virus used could be WOKLocker - one of the 5 most dangerous ransomware types today. Depending on the severity of the server hack, experts say that it may take more than two days for Garmin to reopen some services.

The shutdown of the Garmin Connect app greatly affects users when they cannot sync data to a new phone, computer or update map data. In addition, Garmin watches cannot sync data directly to Strava - the most popular social network for runner.

On some Facebook groups, Vietnamese users are sharing how to manually sync data from Garmin watches to Strava to store workout data as well as share with friends.

Ransomware is a ransomware and also the most dangerous computer network attack in recent years. When hacked into the computer, they automatically encrypt all important data and require users to pay ransom to receive decryption software to retrieve important data. Hackers often charge ransom in electronic currencies (virtual money) to avoid being tracked. In 2017, WannaCry is an obsession with users worldwide with hundreds of thousands of computers infected.

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