DELL POWEREDGE MX7000 - "BONE LIFE" for professional working system

The computing power has grown at an incredibly fast speed over the years, the normal server line has no longer been able to upgrade to new technologies ... to meet the needs of businesses. Therefore, the PowerEdge MX blade server line from Dell EMC has almost captured the "spotlight" in the professional server market. With a 7U module casing, 8 slots containing 2S, intelligent automation, and "renowned" endurance - Dell PowerEdge MX7000, the backbone of your business system!

Stable performance for job management

The PowerEdge MX7000 is a 7U chassis, with 8 slots for single-width blade servers or 4 dual-width blade servers, providing good productivity and value for business network applications. This server comes to market with an Intel® Xeon® Scalable configuration, 28 cores per CPU - this is the Xeon CPU series introduced in early 2017, bringing the synergy between computing, networking and storage, helping Optimize connectivity and speed without compromising data security. At the same time, this CPU also has 27% more CPU cores and 50% more memory bandwidth than previous generation CPUs.

Figure 1: The server's SAS, SATA and NVMe storage drives are scalable, plus direct-mounted storage, to meet the needs of large businesses.

Dell MX7000 has 6 power supplies along the bottom of the chassis and 4 fans in the middle, helping the system operate cool and keep the temperature stable.

Automatic management, smart and confidential

PowerEdge MX7000 has all the typical features of Dell 14G server, including iDRAC 9 with HTML 5 interface, Quick Sync and optimized BOSS controller for booting the Operating System.

The MX7000 is managed via OpenManage Enterprise Modular (OME-M) - a solution with a powerful RESTful API standard, providing tools to automate system deployment, updates, monitoring and maintenance. This solution is embedded in the management module at the back of the chassis. Up to 20 MX frames can be connected to each other to manage as a single logical frame. The management software is also compatible with the Open Manage Mobile application, supports REST API that enables automation of operating tasks and integrates with other companies' management software.

Figure 2: Smart functions from MX7000 bring convenience, time saving and security for the system.

Optional peripheral communication (I / O)

The communication blocks of the PowerEdge MX7000 blade server are located on the back of the chassis, have hot plugging and can be arranged in pairs (Fabric). With the need to connect and switch networks, users have more than one choice, which is the optical switch MXG610S or MX5108n Ethernet switch with 100Gb Up-link ports. There is also an MX9116n control switch module along with the MX7116n expansion modules, which minimize latency and ease of management.

 Figure 3: Server with convenient peripheral communication options

MX7000 can be considered a perfect blade server with compact size and scientific design. Coupled with strong connectivity and storage, the PowerEdge MX7000 is the best platform for both current and future applications.

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