Controversy about cheap Smart TV

Many people are interested in Android-powered TVs costing a few million, but many people think that cheap products should not be purchased.

Xuan Truong in Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi, bought a 40-inch Android Smart TV for VND 5 million. Unlike the old 37-inch LCD TV at home, this new LED TV can be accessed via Wi-Fi. Not only can watch TV channels, new TVs can watch videos on YouTube, install more applications to watch a series of popular TV series. However, after more than a month eager for new features, Mr. Truong wants to switch back to regular TV, because smart TVs but too slow. Every time he switched channels, he had to wait a while to see the picture.

In the article "The cheapest Android Smart TVs in Vietnam", many readers also complained about the quality of cheap smart TVs in Vietnam. A Chinese reader who used to use a Chinese brand's cheap TV commented: "The TV connection speed is very slow, whether using a wired or wireless Internet connection. The wait time to watch a short video, by the time I finish watching that video on my phone. " Another person who bought a 32-inch Smart TV at a large electronics supermarket two years ago said: "The cheap TV catches very weak Wi-Fi despite being right next to the transmitter. Finally bought just to watch TV. For most".

Android Smart TVs are getting cheaper and cheaper because they have more features and app stores than regular TVs. Photo: Sarung.

However, many people appreciate the cheap smart TV models. In a discussion about low-cost TVs in the group of audiovisual equipment players, most of the opinions said that with the amount of 3 to 6 million VND, choosing Smart TV is reasonable and much more valuable than a regular TV model. from a brand name but without the operating system.

Smart TV is a TV line equipped with the operating system, allowing users to install more social networking applications, software for watching videos, movies, listening to online music or games. Android TV operating system appeared later than Tizen platforms of Samsung or LG Web OS, but the number of models and brands in Vietnam market is more than these two companies. Google's Smart TV platform is also popular in the smart TV segment of several million.

Some popular lines use Android TV operating system to control and recognize voice in Vietnamese, such as Coocaa 40S5G, UBC 32TSM or Casper 32HG5000, TCL S6800 ... Meanwhile, high-end TVs cost tens of millions of dong. of major brands, such as Samsung, LG, Sony have new smart operating systems or Android TV.

According to Nguyen Minh Tien, head of the TV industry at an electrical system in Hanoi, the selection of TVs still has to suit the needs of individuals and families. If you are young, familiar with technology, often connected to the Internet, Smart TV is suitable. As for many families, with older members, should prioritize regular TV, easy to use. If there is a need to use the smart feature, can attach an additional TV Box.

With the low-cost Android Smart TV team, Mr. Tien said that buyers need to choose carefully, because in fact, run the Google operating system, but each company uses a different version, leading to features and experiences. different. For example, Skyworth 40S3A TVs cost VND 3.7 million and Asanzo 32AS1000 all use Android 6.0 and earlier operating systems. Meanwhile, the same money, UBC 32TSM or Coocaa 40S5G, TCL S6800 runs Android TV version 8.0. Therefore, applications and games may have different interfaces, features or app stores, even if they are on the Android platform.

Android is the operating system appearing on many Smart TV models with the price of VND 5 million.

Nguyen Hai Dong, a longtime HD player, said that Smart TV should not be selected for under 10 million VND. Because to integrate the operating system, add more features, manufacturers must sacrifice quality display panels, image processing capabilities and TV sound to optimize cost.

The configuration of smart TVs running Android is very low, from the speed of the processor to RAM, usually only 1 GB or 512 MB, small internal memory, so simple operations such as turning on the screen, switching channels, source ... more time consuming. After installing an app and using it for a while, the TV will slow down, causing it to hang. Even some high-end Android TV models cost tens of millions of dong, this phenomenon also appeared after one or two years of use, resulting in the need to reset the software.

In addition, Mr. Dong said that smart features are outdated fast. Operating systems on TVs are not "released" every year like smartphones and tablets, while their service life is long. So, instead of investing in a smart TV, with voice control, an app store ..., buyers should focus on image and sound - the two basic features of the TV. "Smart features, voice control, movie, music, gaming, etc. can all be upgraded by adding a small Android TV Box," he said.

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