Exclusion at the ballot box

Exclusion at the ballot box

"The principle of exclusion comes from a time that is socially outdated," says ulrich wustmann, says ulrich wustmann, chairman of the supervisory board of lebenshilfe erlangen-hochstadt. Some lebenshilfe residents were allowed to vote, others not – depending on the court’s decision on the care issue. Those who are permanently and fully cared for in germany are not allowed to vote in the federal election.

The fact that an important election is coming up is felt by everyone. And those who are excluded react with resentment and anger, says managing director josef hennemann. He and his employees see this firsthand and try to explain what they themselves cannot understand. "It is difficult to make the facts clear to those who are excluded – here the exclusion of the disabled becomes clearly traceable." And that should no longer be the case in today’s world, says wustmann too. He refers to the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities.

Accordingly, people with disabilities should be able to participate in all public areas of life without discrimination. For him, this also includes being able to participate in the election in a self-determined manner.

Everything finds its buyer in munnerstadt

How many flea market traders came to the schutzengel market in munnerstadt on sunday?? This year, too, chief organizer peter braun made a secret out of it and emphasized: "as always, i won’t tell you that." In any case, there were again a lot of people who wanted to sell in the streets and alleys just about everything from chamber pots and holy pictures for the bedroom to used sewing machines, furniture and toys.

As always, there were lots of books, cds and records on offer – and they sold well too. Especially records are becoming more popular again. Some collectors hope to complete their collections at such flea markets. "I’ve been looking for a certain rolling stones record for years, maybe i’ll find it here", revealed klaus hertel from schweinfurt, as he was browsing through the offers of a coburg flea market trader.

From far away

At least this much peter braun liked to elicit: the flea market traders do not only come from munnerstadt and the surrounding area, but for example also from miltenberg, bamberg, gotha, aschaffenburg, wurzburg or schweinfurt. And the oldest dealer is 80 years old.

Lg talents among german top athletes

Lg talents among german top athletes

The athletes of the LG bamberg can report about extraordinary performances in the still so short indoor season. At the bavarian indoor and winter throwing championships in munich, there were one gold and two bronze medals.
16-year-old simone schramm in top form at the bavarian winter throwing championships. With 40.76 m she won the gold medal in the javelin throw in the age group (AK) U18 in the snowy olympiapark. No female javelin thrower in bamberg has ever thrown this far before. She improved her best performance by more than two meters, outdistanced the strong bavarian competition and also won in the older javelin throwing category.
With fabian jaschik another ace of the LG bamberg scored points. With 1.99 m he became third in the high jump in the age group U20. Burdened with one more failed attempt, he missed the second place. In his attempts to clear 2.02 m he only just failed. One week earlier, however, he had already cleared the 2.02 m in his first attempt at a top-class meeting in essing and won the competition. This makes him bamberg’s best high jumper of all time in this age group. These performances meant 3rd place for jaschik and 2nd place for simone schramm in the current german indoor best list. Both are well prepared for the german championships in a month’s time.
Another bronze medal was won by the almost 15-year-old rebecca zimmer in the discus throw. Still a schoolgirl, she achieved an unexpected success with 31.11 m against the U18 throwers, who are two years older than her. Only in the last attempt it was ousted thereby from place 2. With 9.82 sec. Leonie winkler finished fourth in the 60 m hurdles in her first final run at a bavarian championship in the age group W15. The northern bavarian indoor championships had already shown that the young female athletes of the lg bamberg are well prepared for the competition.
Rebecca leicht jumped to second place in the U18 age group with 1.56 m, the same height as the winner. 1.53 m was enough for simone schramm to place 3 and together with her teammates laura muller, alexandra schutz and sonja holzl she also placed second in the 4 x 200 m relay of the under 20s.

Weather service: amount of snow was not “aubergewohnlich

weather service: amount of snow was not

The german weather service (DWD) considers the heavy snowfalls in the alpine region of the past days to be unusual, but they were not an "unusual" weather event.

The amount of snow that fell in the berchtesgadener land with highs of up to 150 centimeters is in the return period of 2 to 15 years, the agency said wednesday in offenbach. The isolated snow height of up to two meters occurs every 30 to 50 years.

Apart from abundant snow in the alps and in the erzgebirge mountains, the meteorological winter has also been rather mild so far, according to the weather service. But with the beginning of the "second half" it will gradually become colder. On thursday the deep "hinne" provides for windy showery weather. Snow, sleet or sleet are possible down to low elevations, a spokeswoman said. Especially in the night to friday there is a danger of slippery roads.

Thomas muller: with spare goal memories in prague

Thomas muller: with spare goal memories in prague

Thomas muller has received plenty of encouragement and praise from the national team in the days leading up to prague. Now the world champion in the czech capital wants to do something new.

The 27-year-old has fond memories of moldova: he scored two goals in the 3-0 first leg eleven months ago.

"He’s there for 90 minutes, never gives up, drives," said team manager oliver bierhoff about muller, whose name has been mentioned an inflationary number of times in preparation for the first international match of the world cup season. The reason lies not in the internal climate of the DFB team, but in the once again hotly debated inner life of his employer, FC bayern munchen.

Brussel threatens hungary with heavy protection

Brussel threatens hungary with heavy protection

These were not the first proceedings. "Very concerned" she expressed about the independence of the judiciary, the restriction of election advertising in the media and the provision to involve citizens in the payment of EU subsidies against the state.

So the people were punished twice. Firstly, due to violations of EU law by their country, and secondly, they had to pay for it as well.

Reding also brought into play the sharpest weapon the union can use against undemocratic tendencies: the "nuclear bomb" of article seven of the eu treaty, which can be used to deprive a state of its right to vote if necessary ? Which would be tantamount to a de facto exclusion.

The wall is up in no time

On wednesday, a deep trench still stretched through the center of wachenroth; on thursday, the new retaining wall was already in place. Work on the redesign of the village center is progressing rapidly: "we are right on schedule", says engineer robert rub from hochstadter planning office maier.

The civil engineering company that carried out the earthworks had worked very draughtily. After completion, the wall will be the most prominent element in the center of wachenroth: at its highest point, about three meters high, it will separate the upper village square from the lower-lying staatsstrabe. According to the plans, the wall and the new route of the state road will be separated from each other only by a fifty-centimeter-wide scraper curb.

Before the project was implemented, long and controversial discussions preceded the redesign of the center of wachenroth. The wall was not the only thing that divided opinion. In the end, it was the express wish of the council that the wall be finished with a veneer of real natural stone. The request was met by a special procedure: the natural stones were already embedded in the still soft concrete during production. For the safety of the high lying village square, a lander will be placed on top of the wall.

Laumann (cdu): do not leave rental prices to the market

Laumann (cdu): do not leave rental prices to the market

"It can’t be that there are conurbations in germany where people, if they have families, can no longer afford housing," the head of the CDU parliamentary group in north rhine-westphalia told the deutsche presse-agentur (dpa) in berlin.

Every metropolis needs nurses and craftsmen. These normal wage earners also had to have the option of living where they work. "This must be regulated. You can’t say it’s just the market that’s doing it now," said laumann, who is also the national chairman of the christian democratic employees’ association (CDA).

German chancellor angela merkel (CDU) had recently – like the SPD long before – introduced a rent brake into the election campaign debate. CDU and CSU are the last of all parties to adopt their election programs on 23 march. And 24. June.

No complaints in unterlauter

The citizens of unter- und tiefenlauter and neukirchen must be very satisfied with the work of the municipal administration. So at the very well-attended meeting in unterlauter, a novelty occurred. To the surprise of many, there was not a single word of protest. "This has never happened before" was heard in the cultural hall of the TSV unterlauter.

At the meeting in tiefenlauter, people complained that they often drove too fast in muhlenstrabe in neukirchen. One farmer from tremersdorf in particular was said to be "quite forceful" driving through the streets. Mayor sebastian stra ubel agreed to install a speed limit sign there. In general, however, according to straubel, driving in lautertal is very disciplined. "Measurements at four different places with the laser gun did not show a single speeding violation", he emphasized. Dog waste is an ongoing issue, which was addressed by helmut durst. According to stra ubel, the parish is in contact with the city of coburg to find out whether bub money has led to success there. Last year, the municipality distributed over 100,000 dog waste bags. For straubel, it is therefore incomprehensible why there are dog owners who still behave ignorantly.

In response to a question from ralf scheler, managing director hans frieb was able to point out that it is certainly possible to draw water for drinking from a tap and not pay any wastewater fees for this purpose. "The condition is that a calibrated water meter is installed", said frieb. Bernd flurschutz wished that the opnv could also be used to travel to coburg on sunday mornings when special events are taking place there.

Martern saved from decay

Martern saved from decay

For some time, two martyrs in the vicinity of wolfsdorf – located directly on the pilgrims’ path – formed a pitiful image. At the one, at the idyllic "five lime trees" below vierzehnheiligen, there was only the base, from which a rusty iron rod protruded.
The rest of the marter was dismantled and stored by the city of bad staffelstein because of danger of collapse.

Destroyed by a lightning strike

The second martyrdom, which is located between the aussiedlerhof and wolfsdorf, was struck by lightning and destroyed.
Thanks to the two wolfsdorfers gunter fischer and gerhard horn as well as the sponsors, the two martens are now shining again in new splendor. Gunter fischer "rattled" companies and institutions in order to win them as donors. 4800 euro were collected. The actual cost for the restoration of the two martens was 6945 euros. The rest of 2145 euro was paid by the clubs of wolfsdorf.
The marter destroyed by the lightning strike was for gerhard horn anstob to bring the stone in the truest sense of the word into the roll. He collected more than 60 individual parts of the head of the martyr and brought them to the restorer. In addition, he asked what had been done with the dismantled stone pillar at the "five lime trees" has become.

Like a 3-D puzzle

Like a 3-D puzzle, restorer clemens muth from unterneuses reassembled the head of the mausoleum to create a print of it. A sandstone-like casting was made of it and put on the existing saule. The advantage of this method is that the head consists of one unit and can no longer be damaged so easily by penetrating water and frost.
Due to a recess on the saule, the assumption was obvious that there was once a cross there. After consultation with the preservation of historical monuments, the head was rebuilt with a cross.
The torture at the "five linden trees consisted of rough individual parts and was also professionally restored in the workshop of clemens muth. However, the pictures in the marter were missing here. Since it was no longer possible to find out which motifs once adorned the wayside shrine, the motifs of fire, water, earth, moon and sun were agreed upon in consultation with father heribert arens. The four pictures were painted by clemens muth on zinc boards in ol. The head of the monument is now also adorned with a bronze inscription "praise be to you my lord".
Now the two marters could be put under god’s blessing. The chairwoman of the flower and garden friends, uschi bornschlegel, also buried mayor jurgen kohmann, sponsors as well as many wolfsdorf citizens for this purpose. Clemens muth thanked for the order and the "fruitful collaboration and gave still explanations to the pictures.
Father heribert from vierzehnheiligen celebrated the blessing ceremony. The choir of men from wolfsdorf accompanied the service musically with the support of father stanislaus wentowski. In the connection still beranke as well as cake were served.

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