Sudamerica trip: the pope continues to make a beeline for argentina

Sudamerica trip: the pope continues to make a beeline for argentina

Once again francis travels to south america, once again he makes a detour around argentina. Speculation ahead of his week-long visit to chile and peru: the pope does not want to become a pawn in domestic politics in his home country, it is said.

Vatican spokesman greg burke gives no hint before the trip that starts on monday. "We must fly over argentina, so he must also send a message. So there will be an interesting telegram."The pope is in the habit of sending digging messages to the countries he overflies.

Argentina is highly polarized politically – apparently franciscus does not want to be appropriated either by president mauricio macri or by his left-wing opponent and predecessor cristina kirchner. "It is feared that a visit could be instrumentalized to aggravate this division," said the rector of the pontifical catholic university of argentina and confidant of the pope, archbishop victor manuel fernandez, last year.

E-cars: charging stations are misused as parking spaces

E-cars: charging stations are misused as parking spaces

The tank symbol of the e-car lights up. Quickly opened the app and looked up where the next possibility to charge is. Once there, it’s the same old story: a diesel or gasoline engine parked next to the charging station for electric cars. There’s no way to get to the socket; the battery won’t last too much longer.

This scenario is often a bitter reality for e-car drivers in kitzingen. Charging stations are often occupied by parked cars with combustion engines. These areas are not even intended for parking electric vehicles.

Good conditions for e-mobility in kitzingen

Kitzingen is a model city in terms of the density of charging stations: 15 public e-charging stations are listed on websites and apps and marked on maps. In relation to the population, this value seems sufficient. If there wasn’t a "huge problem", as the driver of an e-car describes it: the charging stations are often occupied by parked cars. In almost all cases, these are conventional, i.E. Gasoline- or diesel-powered, vehicles.

Malian-french troops control gao

Malian-French troops control gao

The defense ministry in paris announced that the soldiers had taken control of the strategically important wabary bridge over the niger and the airport. During the operation, numerous vehicles and logistics bases of the islamists were destroyed.

Malian radio channel 2 confirmed the information. The city had initially fallen into the hands of tuareg fighters in april 2012 and had been ruled by islamist rebels since june.

According to information from the french defense ministry on saturday evening, the mayor of gao, sadou diallo, who fled from the rebels to the capital bamako, has meanwhile been able to return to his city. With this the regular power relations seemed to be restored. Gradually, support troops from chad and niger arrived in the area and continued to pound it. Together with the malian army, they should protect the region and its inhabitants in the future.

Cellar festival thrilled like every year

As every year, not only the lonnerstadter themselves, but also many "former" players were present as well as guests from the near and further environment came, in order to enjoy the second most important celebration immediately after the kirchweih together. Eating, drinking, chatting and socializing – that's the aim of this event, which was launched many years ago at the renovated old beer cellars, and as always it was very well received.
In order to contain the kind of excesses that often occur at such festivals nowadays, there was a special decree in lonnerstadt for the first time this year: the bringing of alcohol of any kind was strictly forbidden. Offences were punishable with a fine of up to 1000 euro. According to the mayor of lonnerstadt, stefan himpel (), there had never been a direct reason for such a ban. However, together with the young people from the storchennest youth center, local club chairmen and community representatives, the decision was made to take this step.

Pleasure without excess
On the one hand, it was hoped that this would prevent unpleasant disturbances for the happy festival-goers, and on the other hand, perhaps young people in particular would realize that it is possible to have fun without debauchery. So within a precisely defined area the municipal decree was valid. The TSV, which organized the festival, was given the right to deny access to the festival grounds to offenders. "We hope that it brings something", said TSV chairman rainer haberkamm. One of the visitors said: "I think it's quite all right. In the end, it's better than cordoning off the countryside and having security officers inspect it. Then the kellerfest was no longer the kellerfest after all."

Bolivia: arce wins election according to official results

Bolivia: arce wins election according to official results

The leftist candidate luis arce has won the presidential election in bolivia also according to the official vote count. This was announced by the supreme electoral court of the andean state.

According to the electoral authority, the former economy minister of the head of state evo morales, who resigned in 2019, received 55.1 percent of the votes, followed by the liberal candidate and ex-president carlos mesa with 28.8 percent. Against his choice there were isolated protests.

For a victory in the first round, more than 50 percent of the votes or at least 40 percent and a ten-percentage-point lead over the second-place finisher are required. Two post-election surveys had already come to similar conclusions. Arce achieved a better result than morales in 2005, when the former coca farmer and trade unionist won his first election and became bolivia’s first indigenous president. "Our main challenge now is to rebuild the country, to restore stability and hope for all bolivians," the new president tweeted. Mesa congratulated on twitter and wished arce and vice-president david choquehuanca success. Opponents of the left-wing MAS party had questioned the preliminary result and demonstrated in various cities, as the state news agency ABI and the daily newspaper "la razon" reported.

Stones and bottles thrown during protest against neo-nazi march

stones and bottles thrown during protest against neo-Nazi march

Several thousand people protested in berlin against a march by neo-nazis to mark the anniversary of the death of hitler’s deputy rudolf heb – but they were unable to stop it.

Last year – for the 30th time. Death day – this was achieved with sit-in blockades. Also on saturday there were such protest actions. However, police officers broke it up by carrying the people away. Accompanied by loud shouts of protest and some stone- and bottle-throwing, more than 600 right-wing extremists eventually marched through the eastern district of friedrichshain. In the early evening, the crowd started to gather.

Originally, the neo-nazis had planned to march in the western district of spandau, near the former prison where heb had gathered on 17 january. August 1987 killed itself. But only about 50 people showed up there, and the march was moved to friedrichshain, where a demonstration had also been registered at short notice before the weekend.

New year’s horror: earthquake shakes japan

New year's horror: earthquake shakes japan

The center of the quake was 600 kilometers south of tokyo in the pacific; several buildings in the capital swayed, according to the meteorological service. However, it was only a brief scare: there were no reports of injuries or damage, and no tsunami warning was issued.

The quake occurred at a depth of 370 kilometers near the uninhabited volcanic island of tori shima in the pacific ocean. Due to the great distance from the capital, the shocks in tokyo weakened considerably. The operator of the fukushima nuclear power plant, tepco, reported no damage or problems from the damaged nuclear plant, television station NHK reported.

On 11. March 2011, a severe earthquake of magnitude 9.0 had triggered a tsunami in japan, more than 15 000 people were killed. The fukushima nuclear power plant was severely damaged. The fuel rods in reactors 1 to 3 melted completely.

Controversial russian manover:threat to the west?

Controversial russian manover:threat to the west?

Tanks roll over field roads, fighter jets take to the skies, missile launchers are adjusted. So far, there are only a few pictures of the controversial russian-belarusian rough manover "sapad" (west), which has now begun.

The ministry of defense in moscow said that the military leadership received the first instructions for the seven-day exercise in the morning.

The manover is intended to train on the basis of modern conflicts and to train the fighting forces of both countries, it was said. To this end, a scenario has been devised in which the russian and belarusian forces fight together against the three fictitious enemy countries of vishnoria, lubenia and vesbaria.

Staaberche schrubbe” crack the 100-member mark

The "staaberche schrubbe" are doing well: in 2018, the number of members increased significantly. Twelve new members help to achieve the highest membership level in the history of the association.

The erection of the maypole and the village christmas tree, a great concert in the kronachtalhalle, donations for the kindergarten and the new playground of the TSV steinberg – once again the young inhabitants of the "scrub village" had a great time and surroundings enriched the local life and showed great social commitment. And with simon kraus "puts" this year's carnival prince was elected. So it is no wonder that the "staaberche schrubbe" had a great time at their in the "schrubber-hutte" the atmosphere at the annual general meeting was excellent.

"With the new members we could crack the magic number of 100 members", chairman alexander jakob was pleased. The "ober-schrubbe, who considered the new record of 104 members as confirmation for the work done together, could again report about a lively club life. To the "staaberche fousanocht" the bar and waiters were once again provided jointly with TSV steinberg. He especially thanked his colleague and new carnival prince simon kraus. Also in the elferrat was represented on both days. A float was created for the children's parade. "It was again a very successful and beautiful year together", stated the chairman, who concluded with a look back on more than 20 years of "forster fans steinberg" respectively "staaberche schrubbe" held.

“Prudent and far-sighted” – franz jung becomes bishop of wurzburg

The wurzburg diocese has a new bishop. The vicar general of the diocese of speyer, franz jung, will in future lead the fate of the catholic church in lower franconia. This was announced simultaneously by the diocese and the vatican in rome on friday afternoon. The 51-year-old succeeds friedhelm hofmann, who retired in september 2017. Hofmann was bishop in wurzburg for 13 years.

In the only five months lasting sedisvakanz suffragan bishop ulrich boom had led the diocese. Until the new bishop takes office, he will continue to do so. Jung to boom "probably in the easter season" 89. Bishop of wurzburg to be consecrated. A concrete date has not yet been set.

Explosive situation: "danger of a confrontation of the roughest power as never before"

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