Egerlander brass band brings the musikantenfruhling to a close

Beer table sets, weibwurst-fruhstuck and weibbier, sunbeams by the skylights and bohemian brass music – suitable framework conditions thus in the regentenbau. The visitors enjoyed the ambience as well as the aschach guests ulrike schmitt together with reinhold and johannes roth, who were in the front row. They were all three events.

Their conclusion: "we enjoyed the three days very much", so ulrike schmitt. The sunday finale rounds off with "weibwurst und blasmusik" (sausage and brass music) the whole says reinhold roth, who plays trumpet in the spa orchestra and in the aschach brass band. He is convinced of the musical quality of the three events. For him, folk music is a phenomenon that transcends generations. The folk music festival has shown that the city is a happy, open-minded town bad kissingen."

Also for thomas faber (feinkost-faber) it was two good days at the regentenbau and "considerably better than the year before." Admittedly the gala evening was "only" a "gala" a timely limited event "the guests were gone within 15 minutes after the end." Here one could to keep them a little bit longer with a dance offer. With sunday he showed satisfied, even if only just under 400 of the 550 seats were occupied. "Weibwurst with pretzels always goes", he said about the culinary offer.

Limmersdorf: they dance what the zeug halt

Limmersdorf: they dance what the zeug halt

If in limmersdorf kerwa is, all want to be with it. No wonder that a sea of umbrellas moved through limmersdorf on sunday afternoon in the pouring rain.

The platzmadla and -burschen were pretty much the only ones who braved the rain without protection. And of course platzhammel henry and his companions lena koslowsky and anna reichardt.

With henry the beginning is made
"When we are old enough, we also want to be platzmadla" 13-year-old lena emphasizes. "The fact that we've already driven the henry is a good start," says 13-year-old lena adds her friend anna, who is the same age, and who is already driving the hammel for the second time.

Pilgrimage route demands a lot

"Living faith" was the motto of the fub pilgrimage of the people of sommerach to vierzehnheiligen. 95 pilgrims from sommerach and the surrounding villages responded to the call and set out on saturday morning under the leadership of marion then on the approximately 70-kilometer-long fub march. Among them were eight newcomers and first-time pilgrims and once again participants of the music band of sommerach.

On sunday evening, the fourteen saints pilgrims returned safely to their home town after their two-day walk. Accompanied by the music band, they went to the parish church singing and praying. "We have reached home again," said father philippus eichenmuller, who has himself been an active pilgrimage participant for many years.

The clergyman was pleased with the large number of participants and praised the commitment of the pilgrims. At the place of grace, one not only fulfilled the vow of the ancestors, but also carried up the requests of the community, the diocese, the world and the family," said philippus. According to him, the pilgrimage "demands a lot from the participants"."He thanked all those who contributed to the success of the pilgrimage. The two-day pilgrimage ended with the final song "quietly the evening is sinking".

Gymnasts end 2019 on a sporting note

Gymnasts end 2019 on a sporting note

"Today I show what I can do" – this was the motto of the TSV stockheim gymnastics club’s christmas party, which was attended by many guests. At the same time, the 28 girls showed great gymnastic performances.

There was a lot of anticipation as the 28 girls, aged four to 15, entered the gymnasium to the accompaniment of music. After a short funeral and some words of the chairwoman of the TSV stockheim, elisabeth finzel, who especially warmly buried burgermeister rainer detsch, the sporty end-of-year celebration began.

The head of operations sophie korner informed in advance. Since there are only a few competitions left in the coburg-frankenwald gymnastics district, especially for the younger gymnasts, the children had the opportunity to show their relatives what they had learned and practiced in the last few months. It was not surprising that many of the children could not hide their excitement, but therefore tried all the harder.

Musikhaus kiederle: an end with melancholy

Hermann and jorg kiederle sit in the small office on the second floor. They are laughing, but you can see how hard it was for them to make the decision to leave their business in two months. "We have always hoped that we could do it. But we have to look at the economic side, and it doesn't allow us to continue", jorg kiederle explains. 30,000 euros in private assets have been added in the past two years. Now it is enough. For the kiederles still have no debts, they are not broke either. Their work is just not worth it anymore. And they're not the only ones in the music business. "The entire industry is facing major upheavals." The internet trade and the huge music stores are killing off the small stores.

Trade in notes collapsed

"Business with music sets has slumped by up to 80 percent – even among our colleagues", says jorg kiederle. The internet trade with sheet music has existed for a long time, but up to now still at the usual prices plus shipping costs. But since a global mail order company entered the market with extremely low prices and sometimes free shipping, local retailers can no longer keep up. Jorg kiederle is convinced: "in the next five years, there will be no more music business in cities with less than 100,000 inhabitants." In northern bavaria alone, three to five dealers will give up or have already closed down, says the coburg-based. "Even our suppliers have already reduced their services."

Looking for new talent

The musikfreunde eltingshausen are looking for new members. They were founded in 1982, on the initiative of the eltingshausen association under its then chairman alois brunner. Since that time sabine werner led the loose union of musicians until today.
In the beginning, the band had to rely on musicians from the surrounding villages, but in the nineties, the band was able to recruit many young musicians through its own training. In 1995, 25 musicians were active, and a french costume could be purchased. All ceremonial occasions in the community were accompanied by music.
But for various reasons, the number of musicians continued to decline, which is why in recent times only the church events could be organized by the remaining musicians. But now even this is questionable for the future.
That is why sabine werner has chosen the 26. September again invited all former musicians in the firehouse to see if at least the rough church dates can be framed with music. There are about five events per year. Of course, newcomers and new musicians are also welcome to join the fire department at 7 p.M. With their instruments.

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