Out for liver transplantation in erlangen

out for liver transplantation in erlangen

The decision of the hospital planning committee at the beginning of june is only a matter of form. Because the decision of science minister wolfgang heubisch (FDP) and health minister marcel huber (CSU) has been made: as of now, no more livers will be transplanted in erlangen. Insiders had long feared that political consequences would be drawn after the manipulation of liver transplants became known, and that these consequences would now also directly affect erlangen.

How did it come to the decision? Professor ferdinand muhlbacher had been commissioned by the state government to examine all 896 liver transplants performed in bavaria since 2007. Apart from the three already known manipulations at the clinical center rechts der isar in munich, no further violations of the rules had become known. That means: clean work was done in erlangen. Which is why it is difficult to understand why the erlangen liver transplantation center is to be closed down in addition to the munich hospital on the right bank of the river isar, which has been proven to have been manipulated.

Muhlbacher himself explains it like this: "structurally, three liver transplant centers in bavaria are sufficient, both in terms of the total number of 160 liver transplants in bavaria per year and in terms of the flat population of patients. It doesn't make sense to compete for patient numbers; it's the quality of the results that counts first and foremost."

Russia: many injured in explosions at munitions company

Russia: many injured in explosions at munitions company

At least 85 people were injured in multiple explosions at a munitions plant in the russian city of dzerzhinsk. 39 plant workers and 46 residents of neighboring houses had needed medical assistance, the health ministry said.

A total of 16 people still had to be treated in hospital on sunday.

The figures on the number of injured had been repeatedly increased after the accident on saturday. Mainly glass splinters from broken windows caused the injuries. There were no fatalities. But the authorities called a state of emergency in the city with more than 200.000 inhabitants. Dzerzhinsk is located about 400 kilometers east of moscow.

Melanie huml announces the new hospice in coburg

After the new hospice in the kukenthalstrabe has already been consecrated in the church last week, an official ceremony for the opening took place on friday. That this revelation comes on the 22nd day of the year is bad enough. June 2018 and thus the day on which cicely saunders turned 100, bavaria’s health minister melanie huml (CSU) was particularly pleased. For cicely saunders is considered the founder of the modern hospice movement. In 1967, she opened the first hospice in the modern sense of the word in london. "I am happy that we can continue their legacy with the opening of the new hospice in coburg", said melanie huml.

The hospice, the minister said, is "a blessing" and a "place of life. Man was allowed to be himself here – with all his hopes, but also with all his fears." Melanie huml expressed her thanks to all the helpers, supporters and donors who have worked for many years to establish a hospice in coburg.

Richard reich, the managing director of the coburg caritas association, said: "for us, the hospice is not a house of death, but a living space: a place of life, a place of encounter in the experience of the last stretch of life – that is what the hospice wants to be." The hospice is not only a place for dying, mourning and crying, but also a place where people laugh and celebrate together and live intensively.

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