Whether adult or toddler – every member is important

Whether adult or toddler - every member is important

After one year as chairman of the FC rodach, patrick kalb drew a positive picture on the occasion of the annual general meeting in the clubhouse. At last year’s meeting, he took over the chairmanship from fritz haas, who had led the club for 20 years. Kalb’s motto: "what is a chief without an indian", inspired the chairman to take on new challenges and to overcome them together. He also succeeded in setting up a functioning team that is well positioned across the board. Kalb meant the board. The other challenge was also successfully met: finding a new finance officer in claudia krempel. Kalb described this as important in order to ensure the financial survival of an association. Krempel relieved frank regenspurger, who after 20 years was no longer available for this office.

In addition, there were major efforts to be made in the area of events in the past year. Kalb recalled the indoor tournaments, the many youth tournaments and the hosting of the wolfgang memorial and haba cup events. In the social area, the oktoberfest was a complete success – despite previous prophecies of doom, said the chairman.

The sports center is used for birthday parties, blood donations and meetings of beekeepers. Furthermore, kalb considered the presentation, the aubdarstellung and the advertising for the association as important. "Every new member is important", he said. Be it an adult or a toddler who "learns to kick the ball" wants. "Here we are definitely expandable", dear he knows.

A bad kissinger in the television council: “keeping an eye on the balance

A Bad Kissinger in the television council:

Steffen hortler is a familiar name to many people in bad kissing. His main occupation is director of the foundation at the heiligenhof, his honorary occupation is city councillor and deputy federal chairman of the sudetendeutsche landsmannschaft (sudeten german association). Since the 10. July he holds another honorary post: member of the ZDF television council. The editorial team talked to the 47-year-old about his new job.

First of all, how is it that you are on the ZDF television council??

Steffen hortler: this has to do with my work for the sudetendeutsche landsmannschaft (sudeten german national association). I am the deputy chairman there at the federal level and the state chairman in bavaria. The television council includes representatives not only from the federal government and the states, but also from social organizations and associations such as churches and employers' associations. This goes right through society. There is also a place for the associations of displaced persons. The organizations are free to propose their own candidate – that was me for the bund der vertriebenen (association of expellees).

Marin to chelsea – end of an era at werder

Marin to chelsea - end of an era at werder

The transfer of the most expensive purchase in the history of the werder club to chelsea FC shows that the fat years for bremen are over and the millions invested in the successful years of the champions league have fizzled out without effect. Werder no longer belongs to the top of the fubball bundesliga, and the last hope for improvement and the european league disappeared with the 1:3 defeat at vfl wolfsburg.

When marin, who was missing injured on saturday, joined werder three years ago, the 8.5 million purchase was seen as another investment in a glorious future. But the offensive player dribbled too often, did not develop further – just like the team, he sank into the mid-mab. Now, after all, he brings another estimated eight million euros into the coffers and also relieves the budget through the salary saved. "Financial considerations certainly played a role," club boss klaus allofs said about the transfer. It was allowed to be the last rough intake for a long time.

So it was only from a financial point of view for werder a good weekend. "We have always said that we will look into it if a player gets a good offer that is also interesting for werder," said allofs. 23-year-old marin to receive five-year contract with london club.

Stiftung warentest criticizes “rip-off with overdraft interest”

Stiftung warentest criticizes 'rip-off with overdraft interest'

Particularly savings banks, people and raiffeisenbanken in the landlichen area used their monopoly position and schropften the customers, criticized donation executive committee hubertus primus in berlin. "The biggest rip-offs are, of all things, the smallest ones."

The testers compared the conditions of 1538 banks and found major differences. The most favorable provider charged 4.2 percent for the overdraft facility. The average was 11.31 percent.

The foundation considers the interest rate of significantly less than 10 percent to be appropriate. "There are hardly any consumers who do not repay the dispo," said primus, the default rate is 0.2 percent.

“The man had a certain claim”

What I promise, I must also keep. When a good week ago the austrian magazine news reported that katharina wagner wanted to remain festival director beyond the end of her contract in 2015, i announced an analysis of the interview, which i am forwarding herewith. To say it in advance: there is not much new in the article, which starts with the cliched quote "a japanese wanted a hair from my jacket" is titled. But some sentences and subordinate clauses deserve to be taken under the microscope.

The news journalists met the great-granddaughter of wagner in a viennese cafe in december, between other of her appointments in one and a half hour intervals: "with costumwerkstatten is to negotiate", write heinz sichrovsky and susanne zobl in the second paragraph of their portrait "and to talk with the renowned austrian conductor roberto paternostro about ‘quite a lot of interesting things."

What surprised me immediately are the negotiations with costume shops. Have not the bayreuth festival so far always produced the costumes in its own department responsible for this rough? Is this due to the collective bargaining changes at the festspielhaus or are these effects of the festival management’s failed programming, which are far, very far behind the times? According to katharina’s own statements, her parents, gudrun and wolfgang wagner, who have since died, had originally intended to entrust her, their only daughter, with the staging of the anniversary "ring 2013 to entrust.

More room for maneuver for debtors, less plastic

More room for maneuver for debtors, less plastic

Not just corona: the bundesrat has passed a series of resolutions – on electoral reform for the bundestag and tougher sanctions for deputies. But there will also be relief for pandemic-stricken citizens, as the state chamber decided at its meeting on friday in berlin.

Disposable plastic: from july 2021, disposable plastic articles will no longer be allowed to be sold. This applies, for example, to drinking straws, cutlery, plates, watch sticks, balloon holders and cotton swabs. The bundesrat cleared the way for the implementation of the EU-wide ban in germany as well. From july 2021, beverage cups and food containers made of styrofoam will also be taboo. The goal is to avoid unnecessary plastic waste.

Pawn protection: indebted consumers are given more opportunities to save money in a so-called pawn protection account. For example, the deadline for transferring unused, non-deposited credit balances was extended from one month to three months. The aim is to enable those affected to save more money than before. Bank customers can convert their checking account into a garnishment protection account, on which a credit balance of just under 1,200 euros per month may not be pawned in principle.

Bad tuv certificate for german playgrounds

Bad tuv certificate for german playgrounds

This was announced by the tuv rheinland on thursday in koln. For example, in several places, the flooring on playground equipment – such as sand in front of a slide or rubber mats under climbing gear – was nearly used up, so that children could injure themselves on impact, a spokesman explained.

Several times, the scouts also found so-called traps – dangerous narrow places where children could get stuck with their heads, arms or fingers. An example of this is climbing towers, where the distance between the beams is so narrow that the small body fits through, but not the head.

"Most of these deficiencies could be remedied easily and inexpensively," said the tuv spokesman. "It’s often not a question of money, but of recognition."That’s why it’s important for municipalities to provide adequate training for the staff who are supposed to look after playgrounds. 50 randomly selected playgrounds in ten major cities were tested.

Two youth teams of the fch are happy

Two youth teams of the fch are happy

Owner marcus schacher and his employee steffen moroskow now came to the FC home to bring the campaign to a close. In the pre-christmas period, a raffle was held, with prizes worth around 2000 euros being drawn. After making a donation, customers were allowed to take home one of the prizes. Marcus schacher and his team decided to donate the money to one of herzogenaurach’s sports clubs. For this purpose, twelve sports clubs were contacted and invited to participate on the facebook page of the haarstube. Four clubs took part in this rally and could be chosen by their fans and the barbershop customers.

The 1. FCH won this rally with the most "likes"." Youth director sebastian gunnel agreed with the coaches of the youth teams that the donation of 740 euros should benefit two youth teams and be divided between the coarse and small field.

"We are pleased that someone is interested in the needs of the youth teams, because there are a lot of wishes," said, said klaus bauer of the 1.FC herzogenaurach, when he thanked marcus schacher.
Paul finally drew the two winners, namely the E1 youth and the C1 youth, under the supervision of the two coaches for rough and small field, sebastian gunnel and frank rosner. In advance there were two puma bags and the two youth teams were now allowed a "wish list" write. Marcus schacher from haarstube will go on a shopping spree at puma and fill the bags.

Stabilization aid: the money is not given away

Stabilization aid: the money is not given away

"The town hall must pay", was the headline of our sister newspaper "bayerische rundschau" on friday. In order to receive the urgently needed stabilization aid of 200,000 euros from the free state for 2018, the town council had to decide on an increase in property and trade taxes of at least ten points above the state average in each case. From "blackmail there was then talk in the city council of a serious encroachment on municipal financial sovereignty. How is this incident judged in the kronach district??

Stadtsteinach town hall has to ask the citizens to pay for it

The statement of the bavarian ministry of finance in response to a question from the frankischer tag is unambiguous: "no, there is no case in the district of kronach comparable to that in stadtsteinach." Mdl jurgen baumgartner (CSU), however, believes that the situation in stadtsteinach is not a unique case. "Any stabilization aid is subject to conditions", is his assessment. In the franconian forest, such requirements have been common practice since this state support was introduced (2013). "The communities had to make deep cuts in our area as well", the delegate looks back into the past.

Discount on eeg levy: more electricity volumes applied for

discount on eeg levy: more electricity volumes applied for

Companies with large electricity needs have applied for a discount on the cost of electricity levy for the coming year for significantly more electricity volumes. This is the result of the answer of the federal ministry of economics to a question of the green parliamentary group in the bundestag, which is available to the dpa.

Accordingly, by the reporting date of 30. June a total of 2209 companies applied for a partial exemption from the EEG levy. The amount of electricity requested was 119 terawatt hours. 2017, this figure was 107.4 terawatt hours at the comparable reporting date, with applications from 2252 companies.

Experience has shown, however, that there could still be major changes as a result of the examination in the course of the administrative procedure, according to the ministry. Moreover, the result is that it is not the amount of electricity applied for that is granted, but the amount of electricity actually consumed by the beneficiary companies in the year in question – in this case 2019.

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