Wim wenders on birthdays and his new film

Wim wenders on birthdays and his new film

German director wim wenders has been a frequent guest at the venice film festival – and is also involved this year: the 75-year-old took part in the digital language series "life through a different lens: contactless connections.

The series took place at the invitation of mastercard, official partner of this year’s venice film festival. In an interview with the dpa news agency, wenders talks about his current film shoot, the passion he discovered in the days of corona, and what it was like to recently turn 75 years old.

Question: they turned 75 years old in august. The birthday party probably turned out a little differently than they had once imagined?

379 Lights as a special memorial for euthanasia victims

379 Lights as a special memorial for euthanasia victims

As an excellent memorial for 379 disabled people of the st., joseph congregation who were murdered during the national socialist era, rainer waldvogel, general manager of the maria bildhausen facility for the handicapped, called candles. They were in the shape of the facility’s signet, a tree of life, at a memorial service during sunday’s service at the abbey. "The candles also show that we must burn for our people with disabilities."

Rainer waldvogel said that in the nazi era, people with disabilities were systematically and sometimes bestially murdered, even before there were concentration camps, including auschwitz. Especially in today’s time this is more and more forgotten, and therefore it is important to remember it.

Cathedral chaplain clemens bieber presented the pit to diozzan bishop franz jung and bishop emeritus friedhelm hofmann as well as former state parliament president barbara stamm. All three have deep ties to the facility and are sympathizers: "they are here with you today in their thoughts." Sympathizers are people who empathize and sympathize. Unfortunately, those who stood up for disabled people were missing during the nazi era.

Breweries in the habberge district defy the corona crisis

breweries in the habberge district defy the corona crisis

In january, the brewing industry looked to the future with optimism. Since the middle of march, things have been different, because social life has been almost paralyzed by corona, folk and club festivals have been canceled, and guesthouses and beer gardens have had to close down. This meant a considerable loss of sales.

Of course, the breweries are not affected by the crisis in the same way, some of them still have a traditional farm or beer garden in addition to their brewery. Everywhere, however, keg beer sales almost came to a complete standstill – because there were no more festivals and the gastro tap remained dry.

So it’s good to have a second leg to fill with bottled beer, to be able to deliver to markets, or to be able to look forward to loyal regular customers.

Fire department wants to remain operational

Fire department wants to remain operational

You can not do without the fire department. And that’s how they have to express themselves when everyone else has to stay at home because of the corona virus.

Since the middle of march the voluntary fire department uehlfeld is in "transitional operation". Means concretely: some exercises and meetings run only via telephone or video call, contact for example with accident victims takes place only with a FFP2 mask. Such masks provide greater protection against infection.

An unusual situation, because actually the members of the fire department see each other regularly. "The fire department lives from the community, declares jonas losch. In order to prevent the firefighters from infecting each other, the uehlfeld fire department now only goes out with a small number of vehicles. The firefighters wear makeshift masks. But there lies the problem, because this protection is currently very scarce.

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