Bill Gates pointed out the limitations of the trace application

Bill Gates said that the method of using Bluetooth can omit cases of virus infection without two close contacts.

Share on the blog, Microsoft co-founder said, someone infected with Covid-19 (which has not been detected) can leave the virus on the surface and the latecomer can touch.

"A number of technological solutions are being proposed through Bluetooth connectivity, such as via smartphones. If someone is infected with a virus, their phone will send alert information to other phones that used to be in range. If most Most users voluntarily install the application, it can help somewhat, "Gates said. "But the drawback of this method is that sometimes you don't need to be around an infected person, you can get a virus. The carrier can leave the virus on surfaces and you touch it. The application has skipped. this kind of infection ".

Bluetooth traceability application is supported by many countries such as the US, Germany, France, Singapore, Australia, India, Vietnam ... The two major technology companies, Apple and Google, cooperate to develop similar applications. also made this idea more welcome. However, technology experts also point out that traceability application will fail if the number of users is not large enough. Oxford University estimates that the installation must be at 60% of the adult population for optimal quarantine effect.

Bluetooth tracing applications are planned by many countries. Photo: Newsy.

Bill Gates also said that the fear of invading privacy will also make the solution to use GPS positioning not accepted by many countries. "Some countries, such as China and South Korea, require patients to provide travel information within 14 days, by tracing the GPS data on the phone. Western countries do not seem to apply this approach. "he said.

According to him, most countries should use epidemiological investigation methods to interview and create a database of cases. If someone tests positive for Covid-19, the health department will interview the infected person, see where they have gone, who they met in the previous few weeks, and recommend close contact with the patient. experience and isolation.

However, he acknowledges that this way depends on whether the patient provides the correct schedule. In addition, it also requires human resources and time, not to mention participants need to be asked to keep the personal information of patients and close contacts confidential.

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