Seifert:debate about women at the top of the dfb “superficial

Seifert:debate about women at the top of the dfb

"I believe that every organization – regardless of the DFB – first needs a structure that is capable of acting, that is future-oriented," said the 52-year-old more. The debate is "too superficial" for him. If the structures, decision-making processes and responsibilities are not clear, "then it doesn"t matter who is sitting there.

In march 2022, the successor to the DFB president fritz keller, who has resigned, will be elected. At the moment the association is managed by rainer koch and peter peters on an interim basis. The discussion about whether a woman should take the helm of the DFB for the first time was also triggered by a position paper published in may by nine prominent women, including national goalkeeper almuth schult and former bundesliga referee bibiana steinhaus.

Seifert admitted that he was not a "friend of the women"s quota". He himself will leave his post as managing director of the german soccer league at the end of the year after more than 16 years in the job. Donata hopfen has been chosen as his successor.

Out for liver transplantation in erlangen

out for liver transplantation in erlangen

The decision of the hospital planning committee at the beginning of june is only a matter of form. Because the decision of science minister wolfgang heubisch (FDP) and health minister marcel huber (CSU) has been made: as of now, no more livers will be transplanted in erlangen. Insiders had long feared that political consequences would be drawn after the manipulation of liver transplants became known, and that these consequences would now also directly affect erlangen.

How did it come to the decision? Professor ferdinand muhlbacher had been commissioned by the state government to examine all 896 liver transplants performed in bavaria since 2007. Apart from the three already known manipulations at the clinical center rechts der isar in munich, no further violations of the rules had become known. That means: clean work was done in erlangen. Which is why it is difficult to understand why the erlangen liver transplantation center is to be closed down in addition to the munich hospital on the right bank of the river isar, which has been proven to have been manipulated.

Muhlbacher himself explains it like this: "structurally, three liver transplant centers in bavaria are sufficient, both in terms of the total number of 160 liver transplants in bavaria per year and in terms of the flat population of patients. It doesn't make sense to compete for patient numbers; it's the quality of the results that counts first and foremost."

Old warhorses clench their fists in coburg

It's the old warhorses of the silver screen who will dominate the start of the new cinema year. "You have your colleague sylvester stallone to thank for that", says "utopolis-boss oskar heublein on films like "last stand with arnold schwarzenegger "get the gringo" (mel gibson) "die hard – a good day to die" bruce willis) or "shootout – no mercy" (and again: sylvester stallone), which promise high viewer numbers in the first quarter of 2013. All these films come in the wake of "the expendables therefore – the action film with which stallone, with a wink of the eye, made hard-hitting action respectable again two years ago.

It's always the same names that attract the audience. Quentin tarantino, for example, with his classic western "django unchained" (nationwide release: 17. January) should set one of the first high points. The austrian oscar winner christoph waltz, "our man in hollywood," as oskar heublein smilingly calls him, is also part of the team, as oskar heublein calls him with a smile.

Looking back on the 2012 cinema year, the cinema owner from coburg can lean back and relax. "Good to very good, he classifies the number of visitors – although the meanwhile traditional public-vie wing summer slump (this time during the european soccer championship) was also clearly noticeable this year. At the top of the local cinema charts of the past year is a surprise film: "pretty best friends". The french comedy hit like a bomb and had more visitors in some german cinemas than in france.

Russia: many injured in explosions at munitions company

Russia: many injured in explosions at munitions company

At least 85 people were injured in multiple explosions at a munitions plant in the russian city of dzerzhinsk. 39 plant workers and 46 residents of neighboring houses had needed medical assistance, the health ministry said.

A total of 16 people still had to be treated in hospital on sunday.

The figures on the number of injured had been repeatedly increased after the accident on saturday. Mainly glass splinters from broken windows caused the injuries. There were no fatalities. But the authorities called a state of emergency in the city with more than 200.000 inhabitants. Dzerzhinsk is located about 400 kilometers east of moscow.

Wim wenders on birthdays and his new film

Wim wenders on birthdays and his new film

German director wim wenders has been a frequent guest at the venice film festival – and is also involved this year: the 75-year-old took part in the digital language series "life through a different lens: contactless connections.

The series took place at the invitation of mastercard, official partner of this year’s venice film festival. In an interview with the dpa news agency, wenders talks about his current film shoot, the passion he discovered in the days of corona, and what it was like to recently turn 75 years old.

Question: they turned 75 years old in august. The birthday party probably turned out a little differently than they had once imagined?

Whether adult or toddler – every member is important

Whether adult or toddler - every member is important

After one year as chairman of the FC rodach, patrick kalb drew a positive picture on the occasion of the annual general meeting in the clubhouse. At last year’s meeting, he took over the chairmanship from fritz haas, who had led the club for 20 years. Kalb’s motto: "what is a chief without an indian", inspired the chairman to take on new challenges and to overcome them together. He also succeeded in setting up a functioning team that is well positioned across the board. Kalb meant the board. The other challenge was also successfully met: finding a new finance officer in claudia krempel. Kalb described this as important in order to ensure the financial survival of an association. Krempel relieved frank regenspurger, who after 20 years was no longer available for this office.

In addition, there were major efforts to be made in the area of events in the past year. Kalb recalled the indoor tournaments, the many youth tournaments and the hosting of the wolfgang memorial and haba cup events. In the social area, the oktoberfest was a complete success – despite previous prophecies of doom, said the chairman.

The sports center is used for birthday parties, blood donations and meetings of beekeepers. Furthermore, kalb considered the presentation, the aubdarstellung and the advertising for the association as important. "Every new member is important", he said. Be it an adult or a toddler who "learns to kick the ball" wants. "Here we are definitely expandable", dear he knows.

Puzzlement over body in beiersdorf near coburg

Puzzlement over body in beiersdorf near coburg

The series of tragic events in coburg does not stop: on thursday in the early morning hours, a 41-year-old woman reports to the police operations center that she has found her 66-year-old husband motionless in his home at eichenweg 5 in the beiersdorf district of the city. The emergency physician who was called could only determine the death of the man. How he came to life, is unclear.

Wide area cordoned off
In order to clarify the circumstances and the cause of death, the public prosecutor's office and the criminal investigation service were immediately on the spot. The police cordoned off a wide area around the apartment building. The forensics team was busy at the crime scene until the afternoon hours. Senior public prosecutor ursula haderlein also visited the scene of the crime. She set up the "oak" task force for the investigation.

BR: police assume that violent crime has taken place
The press spokesman of the police prasidium upper franconia, jurgen stadter, holds himself in the morning "for investigative reasons" very covered, which concerns the current state of knowledge. He could not say anything about the manner of death, nor confirm that it was a relationship act or a robbery-murder, as was spread very quickly by various media yesterday. He does not answer the question about possible stab wounds. The bayerischer rundfunk reports in a report that the police assume a violent crime.

Garage in hallerndorf simply built 14 centimeters onto public land

Garage in hallerndorf simply built 14 centimeters onto public land

Since the district office forchheim found during a building inspection that a residential building in hallerndorf had been erected under the permit exemption procedure, but that the builder had not adhered to the rules of the development plan, the municipal councils discussed the matter at length before voting individually on each requested exemption. The requested approval for the exemption of the garage above the building boundary was approved by eight councillors, eight were against it. Ten of the 16 town councils accepted the overbuilding of the municipal land, but only six of the 16 town councils accepted the overbuilding of the garage by 14 centimeters on municipal land. 14 councillors voted against building part of the garage in the three-meter wide planting strip. The construction of a terrace above the building boundary was rejected by all councillors. "Everyone must obey law and order", complained gerhard bauer (WG hallerndorf). Georg gunselmann (JAB) agreed: "you can’t just build the garage 14 centimeters on public land instead of on your own land!" All other building applications were unanimously approved by the municipal councils. This also applies to the application for a change in the land use plan and the preparation of a development plan for the "special area for cellar operations".

Fire department equipment

The municipal councils unanimously awarded the contract for the supply of fire fighting equipment to the company ludwig-feuerschutz, which was awarded the contract with 13.001 euro was the most favorable offer.

Paving in the friedhofen

Eight companies submitted bids for the paving of the cemeteries in hallerndorf and willersdorf. In both cases, frank-gartenbau from hirschaid was the most favorable, so that the municipal councils unanimously awarded the contracts totaling 146 euros.501 euros awarded to this company. They regretted that there was no possibility of awarding the contract to the competitor from the municipality, as it had only submitted the second most favorable bid.

A bad kissinger in the television council: “keeping an eye on the balance

A Bad Kissinger in the television council:

Steffen hortler is a familiar name to many people in bad kissing. His main occupation is director of the foundation at the heiligenhof, his honorary occupation is city councillor and deputy federal chairman of the sudetendeutsche landsmannschaft (sudeten german association). Since the 10. July he holds another honorary post: member of the ZDF television council. The editorial team talked to the 47-year-old about his new job.

First of all, how is it that you are on the ZDF television council??

Steffen hortler: this has to do with my work for the sudetendeutsche landsmannschaft (sudeten german national association). I am the deputy chairman there at the federal level and the state chairman in bavaria. The television council includes representatives not only from the federal government and the states, but also from social organizations and associations such as churches and employers' associations. This goes right through society. There is also a place for the associations of displaced persons. The organizations are free to propose their own candidate – that was me for the bund der vertriebenen (association of expellees).

Pilgrimage route demands a lot

"Living faith" was the motto of the fub pilgrimage of the people of sommerach to vierzehnheiligen. 95 pilgrims from sommerach and the surrounding villages responded to the call and set out on saturday morning under the leadership of marion then on the approximately 70-kilometer-long fub march. Among them were eight newcomers and first-time pilgrims and once again participants of the music band of sommerach.

On sunday evening, the fourteen saints pilgrims returned safely to their home town after their two-day walk. Accompanied by the music band, they went to the parish church singing and praying. "We have reached home again," said father philippus eichenmuller, who has himself been an active pilgrimage participant for many years.

The clergyman was pleased with the large number of participants and praised the commitment of the pilgrims. At the place of grace, one not only fulfilled the vow of the ancestors, but also carried up the requests of the community, the diocese, the world and the family," said philippus. According to him, the pilgrimage "demands a lot from the participants"."He thanked all those who contributed to the success of the pilgrimage. The two-day pilgrimage ended with the final song "quietly the evening is sinking".

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