Artificial intelligence is changing life in every family

Market | The rapid growth of artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot trend, applied in most industries to reduce costs and increase efficiency for businesses. And in every family, AI is and will become 'extended arms' that make life comfortable and comfortable ...

Review reporter had an interview with Mr. Victor Wang, Head of ASEAN Business Division of Synology to better understand the application of AI in everyday life.

Victor Wang, Head of ASEAN Business, Synology

- Sir, recently many people talk about AI as well as its applications in manufacturing industries, but in everyday life in Vietnam, AI is still quite strange. Could you share more about this?

Mr. Victor Wang: The term "artificial intelligence" always occupies the top position in articles and conversations. It is technology that is about to change the way the world works. This technology has the ability to streamline processes, reduce costs and transform the potential of businesses.

However, one thing few people realize is that AI also changes their own living habits.

In fact, AI is changing our home. It is used in smart living space design, can recognize you and your needs and make our lives easier.

Imagine waking up in the morning, going to the kitchen with a cup of coffee and a note that you're late for your gym. You also rush back home when you're halfway to the office just because you're not sure whether or not you've launched the alarm system ...

AI can solve all of that.

Most of the potential of AI has not been fully discovered, but the scenarios I have just shared are the tip of the AI ​​iceberg and its ability to revolutionize the home.

- So when is AI going to become popular in homes?
Mr. Victor Wang: According to a Gartner prediction, by 2022, AI devices will reach a level of emotional intelligence and know more about a person's family than themselves. Current solutions such as Amazon Echo and Google Home already know how to handle themselves in the dining room and lounge, personalized to suit the taste and emotions of people. These devices have made AI more accessible.

- There is a concern that IoT devices with AI are often quite expensive. As a technology company investing heavily in this field, what has Synology done to help "popularize" the service?

Mr. Victor Wang: Today, we do not need to invest a huge amount of money or fully automate your home to enjoy the benefits that AI brings. A normal home will have a router, network storage devices (NAS), surveillance cameras and thermal sensors. And, they can be seamlessly connected with AI to give users full control of their home.

For example, if you want to protect children from inappropriate online content, users can use Siri on their smartphones and a network-attached storage device and router with integrated AI. This will help users track the Internet usage and online behaviors of all family members in a simple and effective way.

In another case, the user may be awakened at 2 am by an alarm bell due to a wind, rain or a spider affecting the sensor. But, an integrated AI system will ignore the false alarm.

And for those who can never find their photos or arrange them in a logical order, they can use AI-powered systems like Synology Moments. This system not only classifies images based on subject, subject and people, but also allows users to edit them to print images more perfectly ...

- With the explosion of IoT, hackers will use AI to target this target. What has Synology done and will do to protect users from increasingly sophisticated threats from hackers?

Mr. Victor Wang: Security is the top priority of Synology. We have a dedicated team to protect users' data and have a bonus program for the white hat hacker community to assist in finding and finding security holes.

As soon as a security threat is detected, Synology will make a preliminary assessment within 8 hours and fix any vulnerabilities within 1 day.

To keep personal data safe and away from potential threats, Synology's DiskStation Manager (DSM) feature adopts Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which stores user data in the form of code Encryption with an encryption key set. In addition, DSM provides shared-level 256-bit AES encryption to prevent unauthorized access attempts.

Synology also ensures operating system security with a reliable vulnerability scanner, enabling thorough system scans and remediation on each major DSM release; Two-step verification also provides enhanced security for DSM accounts ...

In addition to protecting NAS drives, Synology also offers various backup solutions such as Hyper Backup, Snapshot Replications, Active Backup for Business to meet the needs of customers from individuals to businesses.

We face security threats every day. For example, the GandCrab Ransomware malware attacks a large number of Vietnamese Internet users in November 2018, affecting 4,000 computers. A positive backup can protect your data from any virus attack on the Internet.

Synology helps protect your data, and I hope more people know the importance of backing up data.

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