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When it comes to computers, we often think of famous brands like Dell, HP Inc., etc. with many categories such as laptops, desktops, workstations. They are computers designed to meet the needs of use in standard environments (workplaces, schools, ..). However, when operating in harsh environments (high humidity, dirt, heat, ...), these computers will not guarantee stability and long-term performance. That is the reason for the appearance of industrial computers.

So what is industrial computer?

Industrial computers are computers specifically designed for use in the operation of industrial systems such as (production lines, measurement, monitoring systems, etc.) under conditions such as temperature, humidity. , pressure, dust, vibration, etc. are outside the range of normal computer operations. The machine is capable of continuous operation 24/7 to ensure the system of machines is operated continuously.

Scope of use of industrial computers

Industrial computers are widely used in factories (control of production lines, control of machine tools, ...), energy industry (substations, rigs, power plants), traffic (machines calculated on high-speed trains, toll stations), information systems, telecommunications, military, ...

The difference of industrial computers

Functionally, industrial computers are similar to a normal computer with basic components such as processor (CPU), internal memory (RAM), and communication ports (I / O). However, industrial computers will be different from normal computers in hardware design. For example, the CPU will be cooled through the large heat sinks attached to the case. This design helps to minimize dust and dirt due to the absence of a cooling fan component, contributing to increased computer longevity and durability. The case with the communication port is designed to be resistant to dust, water and suit your needs. Unnecessary components have been removed to increase stability. Operating systems are Microsoft Windows and Linux versions which are sufficient or reduced to suit the needs of use. Those are the basic differences of industrial computers compared to conventional computers.

Why choose industrial computers?

Adlink Industrial Computers are specially designed to suit the requirements of industrial environments or applications requiring high reliability. Even if the operating conditions are not too harsh, but the application requires 24/7 operation for many years, the ADLINK computers always have the advantage of stability and durability.

Advantages of Adlink industrial computers:

Wide operating temperature range, from 0 to 50 degrees C, even up to -20 to 70 degrees C for some specialized machines.
Wide operating humidity range, up to 95% without condensation
Meets shockproof standards.
Meets vibration protection standards.
Meets IP69 dust and water resistance standards.

Some typical applications of Adlink industrial computers

Adlink's multifunctional computers are integrated with industrial communication functions including data acquisition, image processing, video processing, motion control, etc.

Besides multi-functional industrial computers, ADLINK also provides industrial computers and embedded computers for specific applications, specifically:

Intelligent transport (ITS)
Water treatment systems (Water Management Systems)
Industrial automation
Deep learning

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