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According to Google, a webinar is "an Internet conference". Meanwhile, the correct definition of webinar could be even more. When investigated correctly, it is a powerful marketing tactic that can identify you as an expert in your field of expertise, allowing you to connect with your audience, train new employees, as well like increasing your profit margin.

In this article, we will explain what webinar really is, how to use webinar in business, and discuss how webinar works so that you can practice ideas on startup and benefits from webinar. At the same time, we also answer a few questions like "live webinar" and "how do I do webinar?"

What is webinar?
As mentioned earlier on the definition of webinar, webinar is an online training platform. It allows you to manage virtual meetings without meeting each other in person. With webinar, you can share your presentation with the audience without having to meet face-to-face.

Your audience, or in other words, the utility of participating without leaving their home as they can be viewed through your webinar on desktop or laptop or mobile device.

In most cases, webinars are related to business and are used for branding and branding techniques or relationship building tactics. However, webinars can be used for internal group meetings, especially if you work in an international environment.

A webinar offers the following benefits when it communicates to your audience:

Interaction through live chat between hosts and participants, not only allows the host to join the webinar with the audience and build relationships, but also to improve the webinar based on feedback received from the guests. line.

Ability to share your screen and webcam so your audience not only sees your presentation but also your face.
Allow your audience to ask questions and participate in polls, which is a way to keep your audience engaged throughout the workshop.
Webinars can be recorded and added later as digital products for seminars and training sessions.
Webinars may contain a large number of participants who overcome limitations that are not limited by physical space.
If you wonder, "Webinars are direct" then this is your answer. There are two different types of Webinars:

Direct. Webinar is live in real time and allows you to interact more with your audience and can ask and receive feedback right away.
Remember available. This type of webinar has been built and played back. This means the audience cannot participate directly to chat or ask questions or answer. However, with a prebuilt webinar. You can play multiple times, allowing anyone to subscribe and watch at any time at your convenience.

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