Xiaomi launches CyberDog robot dog that listens to its owner's commands

Chinese technology company Xiaomi has just launched a new product, a four-legged companion robot CyberDog that can run at 3.2 meters per second, respond to voice commands and follow its owner.

Xiaomi has completed another bold step in exploring the technologies of the future with the introduction of the new four-legged CyberDog robot based on biotechnology. The birth of CyberDog is the pinnacle of Xiaomi's technical prowess, the new four-legged robot that Xiaomi calls an experimental open-source machine that "has unforeseeable capabilities".

The motors developed by Xiaomi guarantee the robot high speed, maneuverability and wide range of motion. CyberDog can perform a wide range of movements at a speed of 3.2 meters per second and complex movements such as jumping upside down in the air. In addition, the robot can respond to voice commands and follow the owner's commands.

CyberDog is described by Xiaomi as having a "pet-like nature" when responding to voice commands, following its owner like a real dog. CyberDog is considered to have a design like coming from the future, as pitiful as characters in fiction movies.

According to the press release, to fully simulate the operation of biological bodies, CyberDog uses Nvidia's Jetson Xavier AI platform and is equipped with 11 high-precision sensors, including touch sensors, ultrasonic sensor, GPS module, Intel RealSense D450 depth sensor camera, body touch sensor...

The robot can analyze its surroundings in real time, create navigational maps, map out destinations and avoid obstacles. CyberDog will track the owner by tracking human posture and facial recognition. The product can be controlled with a smartphone application, recognizing wake-up commands...

CyberDog has three USB-C ports, an HDMI port is used to customize the internal hardware. Xiaomi says the robot can add modules such as lidar sensors, panoramic cameras, search lights, etc.

The company said it will produce 1,000 quadrupedal robots for Xiaomi fans, engineers and robotics enthusiasts "to explore the vast possibilities of CyberDog together".

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