Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will have a camera hidden under the screen

Xiaomi's next smartphone will have a camera hidden under the screen

Xiaomi will launch its new smartphone in August this year. Xiaomi's new smartphone is said to be equipped with a camera hidden under the screen. According to Ice Universe, Xiaomi's smartphone has a higher aesthetic than smartphones with a camera hidden under the front screen because the hidden point of the camera will be more difficult to warm than it is to start.

This technology of Xiaomi for the first time in 2019. Then in August of the difficult year. The company said that mass production of smartphones with under-screen cameras will begin in 2021. Go completely, something that previous models with hidden cameras from ZTE and Vinsmart have not been able to do.

Xiaomi first demonstrated this technology in 2019, then last August. The company said that mass production of smartphones with an under-display camera will start in 2021. According to Xiaomi, its new camera technology gives the same image quality as the regular front camera, and at the same time, the sensor will be hidden. go perfect.

To do this, Xiaomi rearranged the pixels on the screen so that light passes through the spaces between the sub-pixels and optimized the camera's algorithm. This method will allow for uniform pixel density across the entire screen.

In addition to the camera hidden under the screen, Mi Mix 4 will have the most powerful configuration on the market with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ processor, 4,500 mAh battery with 120 Watt fast charging and 80 Watt wireless fast charging. The device will have an AMOLED screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate and FHD + resolution.

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