Will Samsung bring back liquid cooling technology to smartphones?

According to some reliable sources, Samsung is considering bringing back a liquid cooling system to help reduce heat for the processor on future smartphones.

Samsung was one of the first smartphone manufacturers to apply liquid cooling solutions to its products. Typically, the Galaxy S7 is the first Samsung phone equipped with liquid cooling technology. However, it took two years for Samsung to improve that technology with the Galaxy Note 9.

With the liquid cooling system on the Galaxy Note 9 has solved the problem of overheating when playing games on the device. Thanks to this improved water-carbon cooling system, the Note 9 can effectively manage the heat generated by the processor.

The success of Samsung's liquid cooling technology on mobile devices led to a series of other phone companies deciding to put this cooling system on their Gaming Phone devices, typically Asus, Razer, Xiaomi ....

However, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rollout of 5G technology has been slower than expected, and smartphone manufacturers have stopped adding cooling solutions inside their products to cut costs. cost.

According to Digitimes, Samsung is rethinking the application of liquid cooling to its future smartphones. Reports from sources in Samsung's supply chain said that while competition among cooling solution providers is fierce in terms of price, Taiwanese (Chinese) suppliers have an advantage in terms of quality. quantity.

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