What new features does the newly released Windows 11 have?

Microsoft has just officially introduced Windows 11, the latest Windows platform. What is considered attractive in this next generation of Windows?

Microsoft says it expects to start shipping new Windows 11 PCs this fall. Users who are using Windows 10 will also get a free upgrade to Windows 11 at the same time. However, not everyone will be offered the update immediately, a process that will last from the end of this year to 2022.

Simple yet elegant design

Microsoft has simplified the design and user interface; Prioritize modernity, neatness, sophistication, and aesthetics to help users complete work efficiently and creatively.

Start Menu

Windows 11 comes with a whole new Start Menu and taskbar experience, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Live tiles have been replaced with icons, similar to Android and iOS. You can still move the Start Menu to the left and choose an accent color to customize the look and function of the operating system.

Windows Widgets

Microsoft introduced AI-powered widgets that bring the news, weather forecasts, and content you love right to your screen. The widget icon will be in the taskbar, you just need to click to see the information.

Android Apps on Windows

The most interesting announcement is that Windows 11 supports Android apps.

Using Intel technology, Windows 11 will let you use Android apps on your computer. They are available in the Microsoft Store through the Amazon App Store.

Android apps will stay in the taskbar like other apps, and you can easily drag the app window around the screen.

New virtual keyboard

Finally, Microsoft also redesigned the virtual keyboard on Windows. You can now switch between multiple keyboard layouts. When not docking, Windows allows you to switch to a small keyboard layout for more flexible operation.

In addition, the virtual keyboard has an area right above it so you can move the keyboard more easily. In addition, Microsoft has refreshed the layout as well as created a new settings menu to improve the clarity of important tools.

Task View and desktop

With Windows 11, Microsoft redesigned the Task View screen with new permissions for virtual desktops.

By default, the taskbar has a Task View button to help users see all the applications and programs running on the desktop. With Windows 11, users can rename, rearrange and customize the background for each virtual desktop.

For example, you can use one virtual desktop for work and another for personal, like streaming. You are allowed to create as many virtual desktops as you want.

As mentioned, you can now also change the background of the virtual desktop. To change the background, open the Settings app -> Personalization -> Background. On the next screen, left click on the background and change the background for the active virtual desktop. You will see the background in the preview thumbnail in Task View.

File Explorer layout update

The default layout of the classic File Explorer has been updated with a new spacing section to improve the virtual desktop experience.

If you prefer the older layout, Microsoft added a new option “Use compact mode”, which you can access from Folder View Options. When you enable this, it restores the classic layout and removes excess spacing.

Since tablet mode has been removed, the UX for the existing interface is being updated to make it easier to work with files/folders when using the virtual desktop.

In addition, Microsoft also refreshed the Desktop, Documents, Downloads and Pictures folder icons. The Recycle Bin icon has also been updated.

Microsoft designed the rounded corners in Explorer. For example, you right click (context menu), you will see rounded corners and drop shadow effect like Fluent Design.

In addition, Microsoft introduces a new title for File Explorer, as shown in the screenshot below.

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