Things that slow down the Wi-Fi signal in your home

There are many items that affect the Wi-Fi connection without the user knowing. Arranging these items in the right place will help improve the Internet connection.

1. Electrical appliances, landline phones or electrical appliances that slow down the network

These devices emit electromagnetic waves that affect the Wi-fi broadcast from your modem. It is recommended to move devices such as landline phones, electrical appliances away from where the Wi-Fi transmitter is located to improve the speed of your home network.

2. Microwave is also a cause of slow wifi network.

According to many reports, the cause of slow wifi is the wave of the microwave. Microwaves will emit an electromagnetic wave that temporarily disconnects the wifi network, especially when using a microwave oven, this electromagnetic current has the same frequency of about 2.4 Ghz with the Wi-Fi router.

According to telecommunications supervisor Mr Ofcom shared: "The microwave in your home will reduce the Wi-Fi signal, so do not use this product when you are watching a movie, making a video call or doing something important." .

3. Flashing lights.

These decorative lights have a controller built into them that flicker to the beat emitted from the field which can interfere with the Wi-Fi signal. According to experts, this type of light can reduce the efficiency of Wi-Fi transmission by up to 25%

4. The most surprising thing that you don't think about is that the aquarium can also reduce the Wi-Fi signal.

The tank can be a cause of Wi-Fi signal interference, because water is a very good absorber of radiated signals. Therefore, there will be an area of ​​​​Wifi waves that will be slow and weak around your aquarium. Worried your fish will have problems? Don't worry too much because the Wifi wave will not affect the fish inside.

However, the signal when you stand next to the aquarium, call online or watch a movie may not be stable. If you leave the WiFi transmitter too close to the fish tank, consider moving to another place, both to make the wifi signal stronger and to ensure the safety of your whole family if the transmitter is unfortunately dropped.

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