Sony introduces the all-new WH-1000XM4 noise-cancelling headphones Dark Blue version

Enjoy the ultimate in sound excellence with market-leading active noise cancellation, in a refined design, superb color scheme, and attractive giveaway.

Midnight Blue - The new color for the WH-1000XM4 smart noise-cancelling headphones is a breakthrough for creativity from Sony. Having appeared through the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh since the 1800s, Dark Green is also considered the color of aristocracy when in the 1920s, this color was used on suits and tuxedo of Duke of England.

Excellent sound quality - Top notch noise cancellation - Great product for focusing on working from home

The Dark Blue WH-1000XM4 headphones bring the ultimate noise-canceling experience from Sony with 28 years of experience, helping users stay focused when working from home by completely eliminating annoying ambient noises. With two microphones on each rim, dual noise sensing technology picks up ambient noise and transmits data to the HD Noise Canceling Processor QN1. Then, using a new algorithm combined with the new Bluetooth® Audio SoC (System on Chip), the headphones sense and adjust to music and noise signals, as well as the acoustic characteristics between the diaphragm speakers and ears, at more than 700 times per second. The result is absolute noise cancellation in real-time, returning users the ultimate in silence whether you're working at the office, on the go, or working from home.

The built-in analog amplifier included in the HD Noise Canceling Processor QN1 detects an unparalleled signal-to-noise ratio, delivering low distortion and outstanding sound quality to mobile devices. With powerful 40 mm drivers and Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) diaphragms, these headphones perfectly handle deep bass notes and reproduce the entire frequency range up to 40 kHz.

The sound will be perfect even in wireless transmissions as LDAC transmits approximately three times more data (at the maximum transfer rate of 990 kbps) than conventional BLUETOOTH® audio. As a result, WH-1000XM4 users without the hassles and limitations of wires can still enjoy High-Resolution Audio content with outstanding quality, close to the quality when transmitted over a wired connection. specialized.

With Artificial Intelligence, the WH-1000XM4 headphones have the ability to analyze music in real time and recognize the timbre of instruments, music genres, each element in each song to recover the sounds. High frequency bands are lost on compression. Combined with DSEE Extreme™ (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine), sound is reproduced in detail and fidelity, for a rich and complete listening experience.

Smart features - Outstanding experience

The Adaptive Sound Control feature on the Dark Blue WH-1000XM4 senses your location and activity, and then adjusts ambient sound settings for the ideal listening experience. Moreover, the Adaptive Sound Control on the WH-1000XM4 will "learn" over time to recognize the places you frequently visit, thereby automatically adjusting the sound accordingly.

Thanks to the proximity sensor and the two accelerometers in the headset, it can detect whether you are wearing the headset or not. Then, just take off the WH-1000XM4 headphones and the music will automatically pause, and when you put it back on, it will automatically play, all connected seamlessly.

Handy every day

You can easily find your cute little headset if you get lost thanks to the Google - Fast Pair feature that makes it easy to locate where you have placed the WH-1000XM4 headset via vibration mode. Besides, the Dark Blue WH-1000XM4 headset is optimized for both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, now you can manage your daily tasks through your favorite virtual assistant.

Specifications of Sony WH-1000XM4

  • Diaphragm: 40 mm, coil type (CCAW voice coil)
  • Frequency range: equal to 2.4 GHz Sensitivity: up to 105 dB/mW
  • Charging time: Sony WH-1000XM4 takes about 3 hours to fully charge
  • Usage time: Meanwhile, the maximum use time is 30 hours (noise canceling ON), maximum 200 hours (anti-noise OFF)
  • Compatible: Android, IOS, Windows

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