Samsung launches The Wall 2021 TV: Thinner design, better colors, 1,000-inch size

Samsung launches The Wall 2021 TV: Thinner design, better colors, 1,000-inch size

Samsung has just launched The Wall 2021 version with a MicroLED screen of more than 1,000 inches and major improvements. This is considered a device directed by Samsung to serve businesses with commercial purposes.

The official promotional images show this large screen in use in a retail environment. The product will be available in “selected markets”. However, Samsung's press release does not disclose the price.

According to Samsung, The Wall's screen is improved with LEDs up to 40% smaller than last year, along with higher screen contrast and better colors. Color purity is also improved. Samsung has boasted that it has a new AI processor that eliminates noise and improves image quality and contrast even further.

The TV's screen has a resolution of 8K with a 120Hz refresh rate, enhanced contrast and noise reduction. In addition, thanks to the wireless docking connection, this year's new version is also easier to install, it also reduces the thickness of the panel by half.

Thanks to the modules, the display can be installed in a variety of ways in a variety of locations, including concave, convex, ceiling, wall-mounted, tilted or L-shaped surfaces. Upgradable this screen to a super wide resolution of 15,360 x 2,160 16K.

The Wall's IWA Series is Samsung's latest display model using MicroLED technology. This technology uses a series of LEDs that can self-emit to create an image instead of having to use an LCD layer like older technologies. This means that the panels can produce very deep blacks by completely turning off pixels similar to OLED technology. However, MicroLED does not have the typical limitations of OLED such as burn-in or low maximum brightness. Samsung says this new version for the highest brightness is 1600 nits. Meanwhile, LG's best OLED displays today have not surpassed the 1000 nits threshold.

In addition to the newly launched The Wall, Samsung is also bringing MicroLED to smaller TVs. At this year's CES, the company announced a 110-inch MicroLED TV and later also expanded to TV models from 76 to 99 inches.

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