Here's how to check and download all the data Google is storing about you.

First you need to visit to be able to download and check what information Google is holding about our "digital life". We are using a lot of the services and products of the Google ecosystem and of course there are many types of data that Google has recorded during our time online, which can be listed as follows: out as:

  • All map data and related information such as star locations, reviews, etc.
  • Your documents when using Google translate
  • Chrome bookmarks, browsing history and settings
  • History of devices using Cloud Print
  • Questions asked and answered on the Google community, including images and text
  • Data and downloads, ratings and orders in Google Play
  • Gmail contacts and contact pictures or the Contacts app
  • Configuration and properties of the Android phones you have ever used
  • Files in Google Drive
  • Health data in Google Fit
  • Purchases and reservations made by users via Google Search, maps, and Google Assistant
  • Data related to business
  • Purchase history, membership program saved on Google Shopping or Google Pay
  • Photos and videos on Google Photos
  • Hangouts chat history
  • The activity log data
  • Notes on Google Keep
  • Calendar
  • Location history
  • Mail
  • Saved links in eco-services from Google
  • Home app to manage smart home
  • Data related to the use of YouTube

After entering the takeout page, select the data type and data area you want to retrieve. I choose all.

Then choose the file export method, for example export to multiple files, 2GB each, or export to a larger file with more GB, for example.

After selecting all the above steps, click export and wait for the system to prepare the downloaded file. It will take quite a while depending on how much data you have, sometimes up to several days. Google will send an email to confirm the data retrieval and after the download link is available, it will also be emailed to us. You can rummage through the downloads and interestingly, you can find things that have been around for a long time that we don't even remember, but Google hasn't forgotten.

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