Coming soon "brick smartphone"

The design of this phone is inspired by the Motorola Dynatac model. The device is equipped with a separate T9 keyboard and a small screen.

AGM, the Chinese manufacturer of ultra-durable phones, said that it is preparing to launch a smartphone but it looks like a "brick" phone. Accordingly, this model will be inspired by the design of the Motorola Dynatac launched in 1983.

The appearance of this device will be completely different from all smartphones currently on the market. Despite the fact that the brick-sized phone line has fallen out of favor, AGM seems to be looking to revive it.

According to the leaked image, this particular smartphone will be integrated with a T9 physical keyboard along with a relatively small screen. In addition, the device also has a separate navigation key cluster and a separate answer / call button.

The image above also shows that this phone can completely install applications like WeChat or TikTok. In addition, the device also has a camera application, suggesting that this phone will have a camera on the back.

It can be seen that AGM is going against the trend of designing thin and light smartphones with large screens. However, this phone can still attract a segment of users who demand a device with high durability and strong impact resistance.

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